Ebola Negligence in Dallas

Rueters reporting the patient traveled through Brussels | Airlines still not notified!

By Melanie Nathan, October 01, 2014.

Lest we forget that no amount of equality, human rights, decriminalization of homosexuality will save this world from badly managed disease, and from lack of medical supplies and resources to rural communities. Wake up world and wake up America – there is a long way to go. When disease unleashes, it does not discriminate.

‪#‎EXTREMENEGLIGENCE‬ The world is on alert and Dallas sleeps? A guy who has just returned from Liberia goes to hospital feeling sick and gets sent home? WHY WHY WHY is the hospital in Dallas not being brought to Serious task for failing to be on top of the ‪#‎EBOLA‬ case – even as a mere possibility – when the patient first checked in to hospital?

Why is the media NOT making a noise about that?

We were told that the USA is ‘at the ready’ and yet the hospital sends a guy home who has just returned from Liberia? No excuses – pure negligence.

#EXTREMENEGLIGENCE – Something stinks and no matter HOW much they reassure us this places all Americans at risk when the hospital SHOULD have been on top of it. That hospital should be heavily chastised and the USA needs to wake up!

This from USA TODAY:

“While health experts agree that the USA is not at risk for an Ebola epidemic like the one affecting West Africa, some doctors are concerned that an infected patient was sent home from a Dallas hospital without treatment the first time he sought care.

The unidentified Ebola patient, now in intensive care at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, arrived in the USA Sept. 20 without symptoms but sought care Sept. 26. He was sent home, only to return to the hospital two days later and be admitted.

He’s now in critical condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He traveled via Brussels.

For weeks, CDC director Thomas Frieden has told the public that American hospitals are ready for Ebola patients and that emergency room staff are being urged to check not only a patient’s symptoms but also to ask about recent travel. The American College of Emergency Physicians is sending out an alert to all of its members Wednesday to remind them of this protocol.

Sudden fever

Go to emergency

Go to www.CDC.gov

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, upon her return from West Africa covering EBOLA, explains on CNN the inadequacies of USA border control upon her return to the USA. The Immigration officials are not clued in at all. This is one thing President Obama MUST get on top of and now!!!!  This is as much of a threat as terrorism – surely border control should be on top of it in the same manner?

Note: one is not contagious when one does not have symptoms. However there is zero excuse to sending someone home who has just returned form West Africa.  This man should have been immediately quarantined just by virtue of his travels.

Should the airlines be made aware the name of passenger – so that all on board those flights can be made aware – even though the passenger had no symptoms while on board?


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One thought on “Ebola Negligence in Dallas

  1. Don’t forget those poor paramedics– now sweating bullets after returning with the much-sicker infected man? Who knows if they have contracted it?

    Thanks go out to the Republican party for making it so difficult to access health care by it’s citizens. Imagine if Texas citizens (those not covered by insurance- millions) have to choose between paying a doctor’s visit or buying groceries/paying rent? They’ll “tough it out”–> only to possibly spread a deadly disease.

    Oh, and add in how the repugs have slashed the ebola funding proposed by the president…


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