Global Days of Action for Uganda and Nigeria this week!

Plus updated guidance for international supporters…

By Cathy Kristofferson, March 3, 2014

nigactionUpdate: #IStandw9jaLGBT is now #IStandwith9jaLGBT

This week there are two Global Days of Action set for standing in solidarity with African LGBT communities suffering severe anti-gay persecution. For Uganda the day is  Wednesday (5th) and for Nigeria it’s on Friday (7th). OBLOGDEE knows of actions in the U.S. by Stop The Hate and Homophobia Coalition in Springfield, MA and by ACT UP in New York City for the Global Day of Action Against Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law.  Coalition partners of Nigeria’s Solidarity Alliance have organized protests at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC and at the Consulate in New York City for the Global Day of Action In Support of Nigeria’s LGBT Community.

Here are the Facebook Events for these protests:

Wednesday the 5th for Uganda : New York City  |  Springfield, MA

Friday the 7th for Nigeria:  Washington, D.C.  |  New York City

If you know of other protests slated for this week (and we have seen many international ones mentioned on social mdeia!) please let us know in the Comments and we will update this post!

If there isn’t a protest near you – don’t be dismayed! There are other actions you can take on your own, or can organize to do with others collectively.

Nigeria’s Solidarity Alliance is urging folks to tweet and post Facebook messages in support of the Nigerian LGBT community using the #IStandwith9jaLGBT hashtag leading up to and on the 7th. And if you are so inspried, they would like people to make and post to YouTube videos of support demonstrating their support phrase: ‘I stand with LGBT Nigeria.’

Last Friday, a coalition of HIV/AIDS organizations released their thoughts in the blog post: “Measured Responses to Brutal Anti-LGBT Laws in Uganda and Nigeria.

Similarly, folks can tweet and post to Facebook messages in support of the Ugandan LGBTI community with the #AHB and #Love4UgandanLGBTI hashtags.

civilsocietyAlso, today Uganda’s Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights & Constitutional Law today issued new “Guidelines to National, Regional, and International Partners on how to offer support now that the Anti-Homosexuality Law has been assented to.”

Both are very informative and we suggest you look to them for guidance in how best to support these two LGBT communities suffering very severe anti-gay hate & persecution due to harsh new anti-gay laws.

#AHB #Love4UgandanLGBTI  #IStandwith9jaLGBT

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