Activists ejected from Scott Lively anti-gay press conference

Gay Haters Propose the Mythological Homosexualization of America in Propaganda Presser

By Cathy Kristofferson, February 21, 2014

smLively1UPDATE! Video of interruption linked below

This morning, Scott Lively and Peter LaBarbera launched their new global hate group Coalition for Family Values at the National Press Club in D.C. The press conference was entitled ” New International Coalition Praises Russian Pro-Family Laws and Urges Other Countries to Follow Suit”.  The Coalition for Family Values’ stated intention is “to unify and coordinate pro-family groups around the United States and the world to more effectively oppose the now global LGBT agenda.”

Lots of propaganda opposing the so-called “global LGBT agenda” was spoken and passed out (below). Activists enraged by the vileness of the lies being told stood up and engaged Scott Lively and were promptly tossed from the venue!

Here is some of the anti-gay propaganda from the press conference. It is interesting that as Russia tries to backtrack, reword, and claim their propaganda law applies to everyone, not just gays, the American Evangelical cheerleaders missed that memo:





Activists outside after ejection:


We will update this post as we receive information from other who were allowed to stay!

If you would like to join the fight to Stop Scott Lively, please consider donating to the Center for Constitutional Rights fund here.


7 thoughts on “Activists ejected from Scott Lively anti-gay press conference

    1. Yes, “I am – I swear Scott – a homofascist! Stop the killing that is going on in your name in Uganda and Russia!” truly is a brilliant remark to exit on!

  1. If you want to know the mentality of these lefties look at this interview on CNN. Is it a crime to preach your faith when it is in accordance with nature and healthy reproductive values? Apparently so. If you do not agree with left wing values you are a homophobe and extremist. You pick the extremist in this interview at CNN.

    The only realist label for homosexual activists and extremists is naturephobes. Nature has done it well for millions of years but apparently humans know better. Science will always rescue us. If you believe that you are an idiot like Stephen Hawking who said philosophy is dead. What a philosophical statement.

    1. hahahahahahaha seriously ? This is the best you can do? Can laugh some more… hahahahaha ..incoherent irrelevant and idiotic. Sorry I am having a really hard time not offending you…let me try this again,…oh sheez oh sheez .hahahahahaha…hahahaha. oy oy …sides splitting. Oh Shoooot… mmm ..composure… urgh let me try again…ok here goes…..snnnn oy hehehehe ah hhahahaha…. ahh okay I am over it. Okay Pkay just educate the imbecile…
      1) There are many conservative and even Republican gays,…
      20 There are many conservatives who abhor Scott Liely and how he has given them a bad name
      3) There are Christians who think SL is on the edge of sanity vs insanity, fringe and unworthy of God
      4) Healthy reproductive was when my lesbian wife and I decided we wanted make a family. So we went to the sperm bank chose the best looker, the excellent IQ, the sportsmanship, etc.. and we made a beautiful baby… now 9 years of age, adoring loving smart magnificent much loved well adjusted ..proud mama could go on…
      5) Everyone can have their values but when their hateful actions hurt others we fight back…. Freedom or religion means keeping your arse out of my business. Thanks!
      and as for the rest of your babble hahahhahahah hahahhaha hahhahaha hahahha klol rofl lol hahhaha

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