South Africa ‘Corrective’ Rapist Given 22-year Sentence

By Cathy Kristofferson, November 27, 2013

Photo courtesy Armand Hough
Photo courtesy Armand Hough

A South African man has received a 22-year sentence for the ‘corrective’ rape of a lesbian.  Andile Ngcoza, a man with a long history of violent crime, raped Millicent Gaika from Gugulethu to “show her she was a woman” by impregnating her.

OBLOGDEE reported extensively (see links below) on the Millicent Gaika case as well as the manhunt for Ngcoza after he disappeared following release on unwarranted low bail.

milicent gaikaGaika has suffered severe emotional trauma as a result of the rape including an unsuccessful suicide attempt last year.

Corrective rape of lesbians is an epidemic in South Africa as OBLOGDEE, along with many news outlets, have reported. The perpetrators are seldom found or held responsible so this conviction and sentence is welcome justice.

Photo courtesy Cape Times
Photo courtesy Armand Hough

Funeka Soldaat, chairperson of Free Gender the lesbian advocacy group supporting Gaika, said the sentence would serve as a warning that “you can’t just mess with people’s lives and think you can get away with it”.

“This is a victory for Milicent. It is a victory for all of us who have been victims of rape because of our sexuality.” 

Read more about the conviction here.

OBLOGDEE coverage of the Millicent Gaika case:-

8 thoughts on “South Africa ‘Corrective’ Rapist Given 22-year Sentence

  1. Finally- someone there “gets it”- that rape is about power over someone & nothing else. I just hope that the animal, Andile Ngcoza, serves the entire sentence & is forced to undergo some sort of counselling…All you need is a total scumbag like that guy to proselytize to the ones about to get out of prison.

    Why are men so terrified of women? Especially lesbians? Why are they so pathetically unsure of themselves?

  2. This is a wonderful example of the south african legislative system really working. Unfortunately the problem is so difficult to solve or prevent, even if homosexuality was wrong and needed to be “corrected” – there is no excuse for such violence and rape of another creature

    1. Well first of all its the judicial system working and NOT the legislative system. Secondly it is not even a remote consideration that homosexuality is wrong….how can it be if it is a birthright in the same way as heterosexuality is. No one can be made into their sexuality.

      1. There seems to be a misunderstanding and I seem to have pushed a button.. Apologies about the legislative mix up-was typing in a rush. I did not for a moment insinuate that homosexuality was wrong. Firstly I am gay, I dont for a second think it is wrong, I was making a point that there is no excuse for violence

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