Ugandan Langa prepares to use imported anti-gay propaganda to raise more money

Langato support the Kill the Gays Bill

By Melanie Nathan, July 23, 2012.

Do you recall the American evangelicals who attended a conference in Kampala causing anti-gay panic and heightened hate sentiment in that country, leading to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, calling for the death penalty to gays?  Do you recall that conference where these radical Christian extremists, Lou Engel and Nazi revisionist, Scott Lively screamed and yelled about how homosexuals were going to turn all children gay and Kampala and Jinja would be the next Sodom and Gomorrah?

Stephen Langa, the Ugandan man who heads Family Life Network, the group that sponsored that fateful event, often quotes from Lively’s teachings, claiming that rich Westerners pay children there to have gay sex. Langa believes and has said publicly many times that ‘a lot of people need to be in jail.’

“Providing literature, writing books about it, standing up and saying it is OK — you should be arrested. Even if you are not in the act, you should be arrested. Anybody who tries to promote it should be arrested. That’s why we need a stronger law,” Langa says.

Well this same Stephen Langa, with this same odious impetus, courtesy American extremist evangelicals, is on tour targeting schools and parents in Ugandan towns to continue the work to instil the mythological fear, thus further exacerbating the persecution of Uganda’s LGBTI community.

And Now he is poised with his tour of hate to raise money and more anti-gay fervor. And its all so obvious from the embed in his advertising poster for this latest event.

Here is the advertisement to the event which will no doubt be an excuse for another ‘lets arrest and maybe even kill gays’ endeavor, and ‘give me money to do it’, to be held at a local school near you!

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.19.51 AM

In what promises to be a marathon of hate – notably a four hour event – where Langa will perpetuate the myth that gays in Uganda live to recruit children at schools:

“More children are being tricked into vices & no school is immune. Will your child survive, if not already a victim? Come and find out how to protect your child?”

It is indeed a shame that Ugandans have fallen for these lies, and that nothing is being done by Ugandan authorities to investigate the truth and to bring an end to it. But why should they, the distraction is perfect for their continued reign.

What is so sad is that as that the Ugandans do not realize that all Stephen Langa is doing is serving as a puppet for a bunch of low life crazy Americans who were rejected as such in their own country, the United States of America. And so they chose Uganda, where they knew people were poor and struggling to survive, a place ripe for scapegoating, to provide an escape from the real and true ills of that country; poverty, corruption, dictatorship, torture, and straight men defiling young girls by rape, in huge numbers.

But we will not hear Langa talk about that on July 28th at Makerere University, instead we will undoubtedly hear that gays ‘are recruiting’ and waving their powerful magic wands to turn kids gay.

And what is also so disconcerting is that when the West does indeed express disdain for the impending Kill the Gays Bill, bolstered by events such as this, with Langa’s lies that serve as a critical key to its local support, we are told to back off and not interfere in Uganda’s sovereignty, albeit they plan to legislate in defiance of  The International Declaration of Human Rights.  We are told that this is none of our business. But of course it is our business and it is our business because the hate was launched in the U.S.A. and now serves as a direct export to Uganda, where it is being used in this unscrupulous fashion, to bolster Langa’s popularity and serve his pocket as well as the distraction from what is really wrong in Uganda.

And so we note that although the event is free there is this little note, undoubtedly waiting to be pushed by Stephen Langa at the event: “Financial contribution to this cause is welcome.”

Interesting to note that Langa cannot seem to afford to maintain his website as it has had the promise of return for some time. Maybe he [plans to use the funds for that. In the meantime you can visit his Facebook page at

By Melanie Nathan


READ this 2009 Article by Warren Throckmorton:

“In an article about Stephen Langa’s church Watolo Community Church, Langa is noted as one of the leaders.

Today, Watoto church leaders such as Stephen Langa and Pastor Franco Onaga are extending the influence of the church into the various spheres of Ugandan society, including government, family, and even training programs for the Kampala police force. Watoto is truly a model church that is bringing the light of Christ and the healing of His Kingdom to Uganda, Africa and the whole world.”

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