Aunt’s same-sex wedding song going viral

 What If We Are Just Like You?/Shannon’s and Lisa’s marriage equality Song

by Melanie Nathan, June 22, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 3.54.04 PMSherri Gray, “straight but not narrow,” shares her love – she wrote this song for niece Shannon and her fiancée, Lisa, a same-sex couple who are getting married this summer.

“I wrote this song about equal rights not only for them but also for everyone…” Says Sherri

I was introduced to the video and prompted to post the piece after receiving this e-mail from Sherri. And delighted to see it already had over 33,000 You Tube hits.

“hi, Melanie…LOVE your blog name…you’re a ‘wordsmith’! I’m hoping you’ll consider posting my song about marriage equality on your site. i wrote it for my niece and her fiancee and it’s received favorable comments from 150 countries.

There are so many LGBT people who cannot even ‘come out’ in their own country, let alone consider marrying the person they love. My song’s message, hopefully, lets them know that there are so many of us who love and support them, and that they are not forgotten!

Thank you for your consideration — and for your commitment to be (as we say) ‘on the right side of history’!

Hugs to you,

Sherri Gray”


Updated to include Lyrics due to requests:

What If We Are Just Like You? (Shannon and Lisa’s Song)
by Sherri Gray©

Little children have their dreams,
No matter who they are.
And growing older, they wish for love
Upon an evening star.

The world will bless the wedding of
A woman to a man,
While he and he, and she and she,
Are told they never can.

Chorus: We laugh, we cry, we die and live
We’ve tried to fit, we work, we give.
We have a goal, we have a soul
Yet you say we’re not like you.

Some say we’re different, that we’re wrong,
They want us set apart.
We say we’re equal and we’re strong
With human minds and heart.

Like you, we dream of homes and kids
And blessings from above.
Yet still so many shake their heads
And say we should not love.

Chorus: We laugh, we cry, we die and live
We’ve tried to fit, we work, we give.
We have a goal, we have a soul
Maybe we are just like you.

We pray that reason and respect
Will take away the fear.
That light and love will lift the dark
And then the world will hear.

We hope things will be different soon,
Not as they’ve always been.
So that he and he, and she and she
Can wed like her and him.

Chorus: We laugh, we cry, we die and live
We’ve tried to fit, we work, we give.
We have a goal – please, see our soul.
What if we are just like you?

8 thoughts on “Aunt’s same-sex wedding song going viral

  1. wow! that was fast! thank you so much, Melanie! let’s hope things continue to change for the better so that all human beings can feel free to BE who they authentically are and to legally MARRY whomever they love. i appreciate your posting the song, honey. hugs to you- Sherri

    1. Thank you for your support and of course the fabulous song. Keep us posted about the wedding – is it still to happen or are they already married? Photos will be nice

  2. Hi Sherri,

    Is there any chance of obtaining the score to the song? I will be with you in my thoughts on August 3 and look forward to seeing the pictures. This is just such an incredible gift.
    Also, thanks Melanie for having made this available to all of us.


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