New Book to help families with transgender youth

Gender Specialist, Dr. Michele Angello Set to Release: “On The Couch With Dr. Angello: A Guide to Raising & Supporting Transgender Youth” | Book offers practical advice to assist families navigating a path to understanding and acceptance 

Posted by Melanie Nathan, May 17, 2013-

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 5.18.43 PMClinical sexologist and gender specialist, Dr. Michele Angello will launch her first book, “On The Couch With Dr. Angello: A Guide to Raising & Supporting Transgender Youth,” on the third week of June, in conjunction with LGBT Pride Month. After 14 years of helping gender variant young people and their families, along with appearances on Dr. Phil, The Tyra Banks Show, Larry King Live, and more, Dr. Angello is thrilled to announce the release of a book that explains it all. Both entertaining and full of useful information, this book is warm, enlightening and educational.

When a child comes out as transgender, their entire family will transition, along with their community. “On The Couch With Dr. Angello” is an eye-opening guide to navigating social spaces when most don’t understand the process of gender transition. Dr. Angello offers emotional help and unwavering support as parents with trans identified children ride the waves of grief, acceptance and eventual healing. This book comes at a time when the sensationalism of transgender identity has calmed—a time when hearts and ears across the nation are daringly sympathetic and finally able to aid and uplift the transgender experience.

In this fascinating examination of budding identity all audiences have something to gain as Dr. Angello uncovers the behind the scenes journey parents, teachers, pastors, children and medical professionals must take to support gender variant youth. Grappling with the real life situations of transitioning in public, coming out to school principals and dealing with family dynamics, Dr. Angello leaves no topic unexamined, from faith and spirituality to hormone therapy.

“On The Couch With Dr. Angello” is essentially a user friendly, Trans 101 course. Enhanced by its diligent story telling, this self-help book is a reassuring response to youth who are yearning for guidance as they become who they really are. Dr. Angello inspires hope, challenges boundaries and demonstrates just how powerful unconditional love can be.

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About the Author

Michele Angello, Ph.D. works with gender-variant youth and adults. She offers individual, group and family therapy, as well as corporate education and training on a variety of issues of sexuality and has presented internationally on her work with trans-youth. Dr. Angello is often called on to speak as an expert on transgender issues to universities, corporations and the media. She has appeared on Larry King Live, The Tyra Banks Show, and various documentaries on transgender issues. She also developed the first graduate course in the U.S. that focused on clinical issues in transgender communities. Dr. Michele Angello received her doctorate in human sexuality and her master’s degree in psychological services. She is a certified clinical sexologist, and a member of the board of directors for both the Main Line Youth Alliance and the Renaissance Transgender Association. Dr. Angello is also a member of: the American College of Sexology; American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists; the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex; American Psychological Association; and the World Professional Association of Transgender Health. Dr. Angello’s primary interests include working with transgender adults and youth, as well as individuals who identify as genderqueer. She also welcomes people dealing with issues of sexual orientation, adolescent sexuality questions, and general sexual enrichment through education. She is an adjunct faculty member at Widener University and at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.


“‘On the Couch with Dr. Angello’ is an absolute essential read for those interested in providing empathic and thorough care for gender non-conforming youth. Dr. Angello’s book is a reflection of herself – thoughtful, compassionate and visionary.” 

-Johanna Olson, MD

“Dr. Angello is that friend and mentor who always helps unravel the toughest of problems when it comes to supporting transgender children. I have worked with her for years and she is my go to person. In her book she captures the warm, down to earth style I have come to love and respect. Every parent, counselor and educator should have this brilliantly insightful handbook in their library.” 

-Kim Pearson, Co-founder & Education Director, TransYouth Family Allies

“This book is my new prescription for parents of transgender youth. Comprehensive, succinct and from the heart, Dr. Angello has gone beyond the nuts and bolts and shown us the ‘art’ of therapy.” 

-Dr. Christine McGinn, Plastic Surgeon

“Dr. Angello is an experienced, no-nonsense therapist with a passion for service to families with transgender children. Her work illuminates the issues transgender children and youth face–along with their parents and the systems that support them–and offers practical guidelines for supporting these children, helping to ensure they can grow up emotionally healthy and ready for productive, rewarding lives.” 

-Jamison Green, PhD, author of “Becoming a Visible Man”

“Michele Angello has written a necessary, important book that will be invaluable to anyone who cares about transgender youth.” 

-Andrew Solomon, author of “Far From the Tree”

“This accessible guide will be a welcome companion to parents, pastors, and all those who seek to ground our unconditional love in practical understanding and professional insight. Dr Angello’s clinical expertise is formidable, but it is her compassion and empathy that make this book truly brilliant as a resource for navigating the challenges and opportunities of journeying with ‘gender creative’ youth.” 

-Chris Paige, Founder of Transfaith Online



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