Lesbian Couple beaten by straight women at Ethiopian nightclub

Gay hate on the rise in Africa attributed to Western Evangelicals and a New push to “Kill the Gays”

By Melanie Nathan, May 12, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 8.16.02 PMAfter Uganda, we predicted it would spread. It seems that the Western Evangelicals have found their way into Ethiopia and are repeating the actions that are causing such strong anti-gay sentiments, that local Ethiopians are now lashing out and implementing the inevitable persecution. See Cathy Kristofferson’s Article here on OBLOGDEE, linked below.

A Ethiopian  couple, together for five years, have reported being attacked for being lesbians, and alluded to the Evangelical presence when telling their story.

The couple told their story to Bikyanews.com and it had yet to be independently verified.  Its is alleged that last week, while dancing at a local club in Addis Ababa, they were attacked by a group of presumably heterosexual women, beaten and forced out of the nightclub.

“The women just kept yelling at us and screaming and pushing when we started to hold hands,” Lucy told Bikyanews.com, her eye still dark from the marks of the assault. “They shoved and punched at us until we were forced to leave.”

Tina also has bruises on her arms. The couple said they were enjoying a night out of dancing at a club they often go to for relaxation. They said they’d never had any problems.

“It is shocking because we don’t show a lot of physical intimacy, but we do try to enjoy our time,” chimed in Tina. “And then all hell broke loose. It is becoming more and more common in Ethiopia to be attacked because people are gay or lesbian. The campaign against the community is growing.”

According to the report “both alluded to the recent calls from an Evangelical organization that is pushing for the death penalty against Ethiopia’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.”

An anti-gay organization that held a recent workshop on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues in Ethiopia is reporting that the death penalty against gay people in Ethiopia may be on the horizon.

The workshop reportedly looked with the social ‘evils’ and ‘disastrous’ effects of homosexuality in Ethiopia, and was led by United for Life Ethiopia, a Western Evangelical Christian organization with local representation.

Government officials, religious leaders, leading heath professionals, charities and members of the public attended the event at the Bethel Teaching Hospital in Addis Ababa, last week.

An article recently published by Bikyanews.com has received virulent anti-gay sentiments from users inside the country. A number of comments and angry emails have been flowing in that call for the death of Ethiopia’s small lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Now it is being reported that the heterosexual “community as a whole seemed bent on attacking LGBT people.”

It seems that we may well find yet another case of direct harm caused via the persecution incited by the actions of Western Evangelicals, yet again in Africa.


Zambia and Ethiopia are the ‘next Uganda’

Seyoum Antonios

Anti-gay sentiment increases after the export of more Western Evangelical hate See Cathy Kristofferson’s  Article READ HERE

30 thoughts on “Lesbian Couple beaten by straight women at Ethiopian nightclub

  1. Can you just see this?? Influence of the Western Evangelicals?? Why? Get your hands out of other people’s business!!! This can’t continue!!

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    :Gay hate on the rise in Africa attributed to Western Evangelicals and a New push to “Kill the Gays” .” …. We’ve heard this before. Stand up and be counted. Be informed, be aware. Stand up for the rights of the “voiceless” ….. Ever wonder if this could happen in the “West”??
    I have …… WE can’t allow this!

    1. They deserve death capital punishment.It’s difficult even to keep them in prisons because they might spoil or rape inmates in there. Killing them is the only solution. We need such a strong law against those people. They are a threat to our world like terrorism.

      1. Max Gordon – are you a Christian? Do you call for death of someone because you think you are God? Or because your Church has taught you too be loving and kind? Or is because you fear that you may be gay yourself? What is your problem/. The only reason you have hate in your heart is because you probably hate yourself. Or did Christianity teach you to hate? Before the Christian missionaries and evangelicals came to Africa, no one was threatened by gays. Now that I have said that how do you compare a loving lesbian like me in a loving relationship to a terrorist. I have produced 2 children while being a lesbian because science can help me do that. Many gays I know have kids… so we are populating the world too. So whats your problem. Is it fear, your religion or are you just an unkind hateful intolerant person. All I can say is – the ONLY legitimate excuse you have is your ignorance. Now that would be a good excuse right?

  3. this is Ethiopia mentioned in the bible more than 40 times we will never ever allow them to live on our land go to the western countries to live like animal but they can’t live in this christian nation God forgive us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Melanie, please read first before you talk like you know. Westerners were still pagans when Ethiopia adopted Christianity. In fact, it’s the second country to adopt Christianity next to Armenia. I do not know the role the west played in Uganda in this case, but homo-sexuality has always been seen as one of the biggest sins, even mortal. If anything, the west is helping the gay against the general population of Ethiopia.
        Like I said, read some.

        1. I think ots fair to say it was a mixture over time…… to attribute it the way you do is limited in scope…. ” explain – that is pure conjecture w/o an explanation

  4. since the LGBT is the senseless and meaningless activities , it will never
    get place in our land ,rather they need somewhere else…so no one need to explain about LGBT to oppose it.. I hate it too..!!!!!

    1. SO whats your point? That you hate your own people because they do not share your sexual attractions? So other countries should love your people because you do not have the heart to love your won? That yu reject those who G-d placed in your own land? I dont think Jesus will be very impressed with you – that is not what he preached. So whoi should take in yur OWN people to love the because you do not have the capacity in your heart? Sounds like you judge for God That you think you are God?

      1. Melanie, let me tell you one thing. If we had a law that says “execute all the evil doing gays and lesbians that reside in our beloved land Ethiopia,” I would happily get rid of a dozen of them and have a calm and serene dinner after that. The only reason I am not doing it is just because it is against the law to do so at the moment.

        1. Well that means you want me dead too, yet you are supporting my site by reading it. You are clearly uneducated about what it is to be LGBT. It is not evil doing and it is not a choice to be gay. You have been fed myth and lies and unfortunately that is clouding your ability to understand that we are equal whether heterosexual or homosexual. There is no difference and there is no harm, because none can make the other what they are not. So you need not fear us. The evil doings? The only evil doings I know are rape, assault, murder, theft, slavery, trafficking, etc ….. And those are crimes taken care of by the law. Being homosexual is a right to one’s sexuality – it is not an “act” and hence not a crime. I am sorry for your obscure and yet to be explained or justified – hate. I feel deep pity for you and have posted your comment here so my readers can see the dangers in criminalizing sexuality – it gives people like you license to kill.

        2. Did I get this right: ” “execute all the evil doing gays and lesbians that reside in our beloved land Ethiopia,” I would happily get rid of a dozen of them and have a calm and serene dinner after that.”

          Are you talking about “killing a few gays then having dinner”? Why?
          What is so bad and wrong about being gay? Where are you coming from?

          Please, help me understand because I feel a very calm demeanor from you when you write this!!

          Seems it’s lucky for me that I don’t live in your beloved land of Ethiopia! SMH …..

        3. And by the way if you love Ethiopia so much what are you doing in Finland? I am sure the people who surround you in Finland would love to know how much you hate gays right?

          1. I don’t think inhuman sexual lust desire is our heart bit right now for us. we have a lot priority. Nobody listen to you. I feel sorry for viewing your blog. sorry for not even read your respond. i am in a wrong place

  5. Ethiopia has always been a religious country: historically the second country in the world to adopt Christianity as an official religion of the state, the country where the first followers of prophet Mohammed including his wife fled to from persecution, the country where the highest population of black Jews believed to be from Israelite tribes that came to Ethiopia during the times of king Solomon, the country that is home to dozens more smaller religions. Ethiopians have always been devout in their religion. However, this using religion as an excuse to persecute gay and lesbian populations is a recent issue. It may be that the lgbt community now is a little more out than it was before. I imagine that in the past, if a man or woman had desires to be in a relationship with the same sex, he or she would be isolated in the sense that first, as an adolesecent he/she may not even know or understand what they are going through because it was rare to see lgbt folks in the open and it’s not talked about. Then, if talked about you are told its a sin so you would be afraid to act on it.

    I hear in many conversations in our community that “this gay thing” came from the west, it’s the influence of all the foreign aid workers that come to Ethiopia and “trick” or force or influence with financial compensation the Ethiopians to be gay. That may be the unfortunate case of how some people had the first same sex experience, but you don’t become gay or stay gay after that unless you were before. If you as a heterosexual were in that situation and were to somehow have gay sex? After that, do u stop liking the opposite sex? No! That is obsurd! Gay folks existed in Ethiopia before and they do now too, just like everywhere in Africa, everywhere in the world. The west didn’t bring this.

    What the west did bring though are these religious groups with extremist views that are preaching hate and influencing violence. I’m an Christian, my religion doesn’t teach me to beat, kill, or punish anyone! In my opinion, no religion teaches that! If folks hatred of homosexuality is based on thinking its a sin, then let God do his job.
    Don’t make it ok for bad people, for corrupt governments, for people with their own agendas to hurt innocent people who have done nothing wrong but love each other. If you’re a missionary group there to help with aid or building a school or whatever, do that and leave. The idea that you think that you need to bring your religious views and agenda as well is based on a condescending and racist outlook on the people you are trying to help. These groups that are preaching hate in the name of God should have no place in Ethiopia, or elsewhere for that matter.

    I believe that having desires to be in a relationship with, of loving, of building a family with someone of the same sex is as natural and as human as wanting the same thing with someone of the opposite sex. It’s building a connection with another human being. There is nothing wrong with that. People who are not gay or lgbt need to stop focusing on the sexual aspect of same sex sex and stop basing hate filled laws on how horrible or unatural they think it is. It’s not horrible for the people who want to do it, it’s in fact damn good! And it’s something that comes naturally, just like the heterosexual sex. If lgbt folks aren’t complaining about it, why are you? Why do you want to stop it for them? How is it effecting you? Are you afraid you will “turn” gay by having a gay friend or neighbor or sibling? No! That does not happen. People don’t turn into something they are not. They may unleash what was hiding inside them but not ” turn” into something they are not.

    The reason I think you are seeing more and more lgbt Ethiopians is not because they have been ” turned ” gay. It’s because, just like elsewhere in the world, people are not isolated anymore. With the information flow, modern technology, people are able to say “wait, I’m not alone or crazy in how I feel” , “there are others like me”. The ability to make a connection with someone else is there. And that is Huge! No one should feel isolated! No one should be beaten or emprisoned or killed for being who they are and for loving another human being. What if ur brother or sister, or your child is gay? do u applaud someone killing them? Those individuals, those religious groups, those governments who believe you have the right to hurt lgbt folks like that should really examine where that deep hatred is coming from and really try to work on your internal sick issues!! And just mind your own business in the meantime! There are so many issues to work on …like wait ..,how to eradicate poverty, improve education, end violence against women, …. Don’t you think these should be prioritized rather than creating dangerous and unnecessary laws that will cause more issues than solve them. Maybe I’m crazy and naive, I don’t know! Violating someone’s human rights should not be on anyone’s to do list!

    What has always made me most proud about being Ethiopian is not really just our glorious ancient history or the fact that we had never been colonized, it’s how diverse we are! A country with three main and dozens other religions coexisting as brother and sister for centuries, over 80 vastly different ethnic groups and peoples! How amazing is that? We are trully the first and really unique! Yes, we have had our issues with each other in the past and today as well, but who didn’t cheer on our national soccer team in their fight for World Cup qualification, or our runners! At the end of the day, we are ethiopian and our diversity has always been our strength! As such, in my idealist rant, i think that we not only should accept the lgbt community by not creating such laws as in Uganda but that we should embrace our lgbt brothers n sisters by being who we as a nation are known to be: welcoming! Loving! And embrace the lgbt community as another layer of our diversity!

  6. There is no space for lesbianism and gay actions in ethiopia becouse it is a cursed action for the religious country Ethiopia and we wiil fight for ever.

    1. It is indeed very sad when a religious country fails to take care of ALL its people and when it develops hate towards any human being born in the image of God and and God’s creation. Do you think God is stupid? Do you dare insult God when you say there is no space for people HE created? Being gay or lesbian is a natural human sexuality born from God’s will. I do not know which religion you refer to because their are several in your country. But you live in a country where people kill each other over religious beliefs. Is that the WILL of your God? Murder and rape? The Jewish Bible – before Christ came along – speaks very clearly and does NOT condemn same sex relationship – but does speak out against men raping men in war. But in Africa men rape men as a power tool of war – that is what the Bible condemns. NOT loving relationships. So shape up- get the truth…

  7. Im so disgust about my country. God! I was born in Ethiopia but White family adopted me when i was a little kid.Where i live there is a lot of gays and bisexual and trasgender and lesbians. Im 13 yeas old and i am a girl im not lesbian and either bisexual. Im a girl and i like boys. i have a lot of gay/Lesbian/Bisexual and trasgender friends. My teacher is gay and he is the nicest person in the world. Im so disgust about my country. My boyfriend is from ethiopia and he always tell me i dont want to live in Ethiopia and i was like i want because its my country and i would like to visit it. I was born in Ethiopia but being adopted i never visited, my father say if i want next year we can go. But now i know my answer. Its a NO. So disapointed of my ethiopian country. So disapointed. If in Ethiopia its Legal to Kill Gays or lesbians or Any LGBT comunnity. I will not be more ethiopian. I will not call myself Ethiopian. I will be Italian. But i will not be ethiopian. So sad. Ethiopia you disapointed me. Now i understand why my boyfriend hate Ethiopia and dont want even go to visit hes country. I Always told my friends. Ethiopia its a country with very nice and humble people. Ethiopia is the best contry. OMG I miss Ethiopia i would like to have my Ethiopian family so they can teach me more about Ethiopian culture. Ethiopia you suck. And i will never never visit you. I think about my friends going to Ethiopia and being killed by Terrorists againts Gays. Cause all of you who want to kill Gays are the real terrorists you are the real Satanas. It makes me cry cause my friends are the best persons. Only because they love they have to be killed?. Only because they are in love they have to be killed? If someday i have a child and he tell me mom i am gay i would be proud of him and i would tell him. And why are you telling me this for me it is not important your sexuality for me your the most beautiful creature. I will be proud of him but not for being gay i would be proud of him for being him! I will teach him that there is ignorant people in the world and bad persons. And that he dont have to cry for ignorant people who tell him he is a faggot. He is the most creauture Person in the world. God make us all the same with different tastes. I cant believe you want to kill someone only cause he like someone of his/Her same sexuality.
    You are the real terrorist and now day i dont want anybody to call me by melkham my ethiopian name now i would tell my family to call me by my italian name. i am not more ethiopian. Im so disgust im not more proud to be ethiopian. Being proud of a country that want to kill people who love each other is not a reason to be proud.

  8. dear adriana! dont be misunderstood that it is legal to kill any one even ones’s called ‘LGBT’ it is personal opinion…but it is to show how disgusting the act is both traditionally and religiously! Even those peoples who were commenting by saying “execute all the evil doing gays and lesbians that reside in our beloved land Ethiopia,” are asked to kill any one by this kind of life, no one will do that! but to show how disgusting and fared this act is! because i also hate LGBT acts but not the actors. never think about executing them never! but u need to understand, dear foreigners, that Ethiopians fear sin as a country that upsets ‘God’ more than anything! anything and LGBTs act are acts that will not only leads to get punished by oneself only the punishment comes for the country too! as mentioned in the Sodom, bible story. believe me the only thing ethiopians fear abt LGBT! because it is against God – /Egziabhare/ Ethiopians dont want to upset God and serve peoples opinion! for the sake of right or responsibility! God’s Low comes first! it is ethopians openion shared commonly! sorry you foreigners and so called adobted Ethopian adriana if i displaces u! but know about ethiopia, Not from this blog but many more else where! if u hate ur country where u are originated from … just by a single blog… u werent with us anymore ! Good bye!

    1. It is very sad when a religious document serves to promote violence instead of love , kindness and acceptance and when HUMANS judge people above Gods job to judge. That is what you are doing here EU. You dont realize that you like many evangelicals who interpret the Bible literally have taken the Sodom passage OUT OF CONTEXT, If you place it in context you will find it is about WAR and RAPE and ORGY. But nowhere does it talk about loving consensuaL relationship. So you are finding sin inn the wrong interpretation. Nowhere in the Bible does it say its a sin to love someone of the same sex. But it does say man should not lay with a man in circumstances of war and orgy- THAT IS THE CONTEXT! But you and people like you fail to contextualize. Then when you say you don’t mind the actor BUT you dislike the ACT- a) what gives you the right as a human to judge the actor even to call it a sin – is that not God’s job and b) when you do call the wrongly contextualized ACT a sin – you are in essence promoting violence because you say your fear that Ethiopia – if you allow such ACTS – will suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gemomrah. So because of your failure to mind your place as a society – to stay out of people’s bedrooms and consenting adult’s private business – you are promoting violence – which the BIBLE abhors!!! You are then to be considered the sinner – surely – if you do anything that promotes hurting another human being. The Bible I know and I do believe the teachings of Jesus – speak ONLY to love and kindness and compassion as the expectation of all humans. That said – let me ask you a Quesion – if you are a Christian – howe come you only accept as your rules SOME portions of the Bible and then others you choose to ignore. Like you pick and choose. I see many Christians doing that. They eat PIG and the Bible says not to. The commit adultery and the Bible says not to. etc etc etc… In fact many traditional people in Africa who will go after gays BECAUSE OF BIBLE =- still take many wives? I dont understand the hypocrisy . I am okay if people want many wives in Africa – but then dont cite the Bible about gays. THAT is a double standard!!!!

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