Zambian Justice Minister seeks to justify persecution of gays

By Melanie Nathan, April 22, 2013.

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After the recent reports about anti-gay surge in Zambia with the unlawful detention of a well known HIV/AIDS activist, Paul Kasonkomona, after he was picked up for speaking about LGBT issues on a radio show,  and the further reports that gay Zambians have gone into a hiding due to “police hunting them down,” Zambia’s justice minister has now come out with rhetoric and assertions in what seems to be an effort to justify Zambia’s anti-gay agenda to persecute local gays and lesbians.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 7.46.45 AMReports by Identity Kenya:

“THERE IS no room for gays, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba said as he called on Zambia to reject calls to accept homosexuality. Mr Kabimba advised Zambians to be wary and report to law enforcement agencies some people working to ‘import’ and sponsor homosexuality practices in Zambia.

He was speaking in Lusaka on Saturday evening at Pamodzi Hotel during a fundraising dinner for the Patriotic Front Lusaka District. He said Zambians should discard homosexuality at all costs.

“As Zambians, we declared that we are a Christian nation and there is no way we can allow this un-Zambian culture. I want to urge all Zambians to rise and denounce this vice.

“Why should someone or institutions want to import this homosexuality and try to influence others to practise it? We can’t allow it, I am calling on all citizens to stand firm and reject it,” Mr Kabimba is quoted by Times.

He said Zambians should not be influenced to fall prey to homosexual practices because of some international organisations which had pumped in colossal sums of money to sponsor the vice.

He said citizens should be careful with some people receiving finances from external institutions and pumping it in Zambia in a bid to massively influence innocent citizens on a homosexuality recruitment drive.

It seems that the Justice Minister has just granted  a license to hunt and hurt gays, at a time when LGBTI Activists in Zambia are reporting more incidents of human rights violations against LGBTI persons, including acts of violence, intimidation, arbitrary arrests, blackmail and extortion.

6 thoughts on “Zambian Justice Minister seeks to justify persecution of gays

  1. Ingnorant Leaders alwayz come out with such…… this is another BAHAT of UGANDA????

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