Watch UN recieve Award for Social Cohesion and Economic Development

 Award Ceremony for the 2013 New Economy Forum Prize for Social Cohesion and Economic Development, presented to United Nations in Spain.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 10.39.00 AMIn a profound and moving acceptance speech,  the UN Secretary-General  Ban Ki-moon noted that we need to be Global citizens, while he received the award in the name of democracy and human rights, for  the 2013 New Economy Forum Prize for Social Cohesion and Economic Development, presented to United Nations in Spain. Ban Ki-Moon noted that now is the time to act, as we stand on the tipping point,  for climate change and sustainability. We still have time if we raise our political will with added financial support.

Those on the front lines of conflict and disaster attended the ceremony with the Secretary General who received the award on behalf of the United Nations.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 10.20.12 AMThe speech of Ban Ki-moon is a worthy watch – some highlight notes:-

A rare sight – proud to be surrounded by all UN leaders who gather only once a year outside of New York. Very proud they join me here on stage this evening. Their activities include all global work and needs.

We will continue to do everything in our power to forward our objectives. Tribute at a time when we at UN are conducting a debate about the future of our next generation. World at critical juncture. Tipping point critical juncture, diverse and dramatic transition.  The changes are economic first as new powers and groups emerge. Transition is also developmental as we seek a more sustainable path.   At same politics are on the move. People are awakened against oppression and corruption. Greater role in shaping own destiny. Leaders should listen carefully and sincerely the to aspirations and concerned voices of their people. Our challenge is to harness these new energies and work together for peace and justice and opportunity.

Tonight we come together for this great endeavor. This ceremony coincides with milestone to create fair and just world for all.

Global poverty cut in  half since year 2000, lifted 20 million people out of slums. Child mortality declining dramatically. Yet we continue to struggle vs extreme poverty, equality and sanitary conditions are still bad. Climate change is critical. Time now for us to act so we never fall into impending disaster. 1000 days left to meet the millennium promise and deadline for our goals. The goals achieved remarkable results. Thinks we can meet the target by this deadline in 2015. Clean water and sustainable energy to millions who need it. Strengthen financial economic stability. We need a greater sense of common cause and shared faith.

I thought of a person who embodied this world we want- someone who embodies this goal. Speak up for justice and stand up for forces vs discord. I called Malala Yousafzai – we skyped. A brave young girl from Pakistan was almost killed for simply going to school speaking out for education. The world rallied behind her.

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