Uganda Speaker Kadaga nominated for San Francisco Pride most harmful to gays Pink Brick award


By Melanie Nathan, March 21, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 4.49.56 PMUPDATED 3/21/2013. : After informing the San Francisco Pride Board that Ugandan activists were horrified by this nomination and concerned about the harmful backlash that could follow, the Pride organizers agreed to remove Kadaga from the site as a nominee.  They were apologetic for not having conferred with Uganda’s LGBT community to see if such a nomination was a good idea. They regret not having done so and have pulled the nomination.

By Melanie Nathan, March 20, 2013.

San Francisco Pride has announced the nominees for the person who caused the most harm to LGBT people during the 2012 year.  Included in this year’s nominations for The Pink Brick is Ugandan speaker Rebecca Kadaga, who if you vote will earn the infamous badge of disrespect because she promised to deliver Uganda The Kill the Gays Bill (more formally titled The Anti-Homosexuality Bill) as a Xmas gift in December 2012.  The Bill, which president Obama has called “odious” is still waiting passage in Uganda’s Parliament.

The Pink Brick faux award harkens to “the first brick thrown at the Stonewall Riots, and is given to someone who has caused significant harm to the LGBT community,” SF Pride notes.

This year’s Pink Brick Nominees 2013 include a tough and difficult to choose from line-up:-

Rebecca Alitwala KadagaUganda Parliament Speaker vowed to pass the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill – often called the “Kill the Gays bill” in the media – seeks to make acts of homosexuality punishable by death or life imprisonment. The Bill also seeks to make criminals of parents, doctors, teachers, employers, landlords and anyone  who fails to report a “known gay” within 24 hours.  She says it will become law since most Ugandans “are demanding it”.

Boy Scouts of America: Justice and equality delayed! …..On January 28, 2013, the BSA said it is considering whether to remove its ban on gay leaders and members. On February 6, the 70 member executive Board announced that it needed “more time for a deliberate review” of its policy banning gays and have delayed their final decision until the much larger National Annual Meeting in May 2013

Pope Francis:  Pope Francis, a conservative, is anti-gay marriage and anti-gay adoption, who describes same-sex marriage as the work of the devil and a “destructive attack on God’s plan.”  He also believes gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children.

About the Pink Brick

The Pink Brick is a symbol of the first brick hurled at the Stonewall Riots in 1969. This faux award is an opportunity to highlight an individual or organization that has done significant harm to the LGBT community. It is also an opportunity to educate the community and the Pink Brick recipient about relevant issues.

About the 2013 San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade

2013 marks the 43rd anniversary of the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade. The Pride Celebration & Parade will be held over the weekend of June 29 and 30, 2013. With over 200 parade contingents, 300 exhibitors, and more than twenty community-run stages and venues, the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade is the largest annual gathering of LGBT people and allies in the nation. The two-day celebration is free and open to all. For more information, visit

Results from public polling will be reviewed and certified by Pride’s board of directors in during the week of April 15th and winners in each of the three categories will be announced by the end of April. In addition to the Individual and Organizational Community Grand Marshals selected by the public, the Pride Committee’s electoral college, which includes all past Community Grand Marshals, as well as Pride’s membership and board of directors will also make their own selections for Individual Community Grand Marshals for a total of up to five additional individual honorees.

Other nominations for Marshalls can be found on the SF pride site.
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