Excellent Video featuring both sides of Uganda on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

This Must Watch Video, on the second anniversary of David Kato’s death,  features David Kato, President Obama,  Politicians, Human Rights Defenders, Pastors, Bahati,  and all sides of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill’s debate

Melanie Nathan, January 27, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 6.48.43 AMThis must watch video, by Luis Arellano & Carlos Maldonado is one of the most comprehensive I have seen to date on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, showing all sides of the attitudes toward homosexuality in Uganda.  While infuriating on many levels, it is critical to a dialogue to try and understand the Ugandans and the context of the Bill.  David Kato speaking on the issue is most moving considering this is the second anniversary of his murder, for being gay.

The Bill, also called The Kill the Gays Bill, has languished in Uganda’s Parliament, having been reintroduced several times since 2009, amidst much controversy and an international outcry.

At 9.05 minutes on the Video: David Kato attributes the anti-homosexuality Bill directly to the influence of  American Evangelicals.

At 19:30 – President Obama speaks about the Bill being Odious

At 20:33 – Talks about corruption and scapegoating – See David Bahati – cries foul about so called “blackmail” to cut aid.

At 21-59 following  – Giles Muhame the editor of the Rolling Stone Tabloid who outed 100 gays under the headline banner “HANG THEM,” is seen in this video as saying he had hoped his publication would cause police to arrest the gays he outed and is saying that he had hoped the gays when then be hanged.

At 23:06 See Pope Benedict making it worse
At 24:00 Kato’s murder and LGBT defender Bishop Christopher Senyonjo

Melanie Nathan:   At the end of watching the Video and only after I had put this up, did I notice that the Producer’s had thanked this BLOG in their credits.  I thank the producers for making a Video that truly tells the story for the complexity of the attitudes surrounding the Bill and for giving voice to the issue.

Memorandum In Memoriam ENG1.mp4 from EstudioUnoTv on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 6.20.01 AMA film by Luis Arellano & Carlos Maldonado
Produced and Directed by Luis Arellano
Cinematography and Editing by Carlos Maldonado
Original Soundtrack by Jemski Chan & Sean Poe
With special support of EHGAM Gipuzkoa


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