Kill The Gays Bill slips off Ugandan Parliament Agenda in Favor of Presidential Speech

Museveni to provide Special Parliamentary Address and no sign of Kadaga Xmas Gift

By Melanie Nathan, December 13, 2012.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 6.43.32 AMThere is one day left of  Uganda’s Parliament for the year and after a month of taunting LGBT Ugandans while the Anti-Homosexuality Bill sat at position No. 1 for days on the Parliament Order Papers,  the Bill slipped to number 6 yesterday. Today a special session has been called for an address by Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, and so the otherwise known “Kill the Gays Bill”  appears to be completely off the Parliamentary agenda.

This does not mean the Bill has died and nor does it mean the Bill is a still not a major threat.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga had promised Ugandans to deliver the anti-gay bill for a Xmas gift, causing the worldwide protests and a scurry behind the scenes involving diplomacy by international envoys asking the Ugandan government to do what it could to thwart the Bill.   The Ugandan cabinet came out mentioning it was against the Bill.   However Parliament’s MP’s with an 89% approval by public of the Bill still noted it was full charged under the leadership of Kadaga to ensure its passage by XMAS.

The OIL Bill seemed to take precedence and when an argument caused an uproar in Parliament over the OIL Bill, Speaker Kadaga had her perfect excuse to bow to pressure against the wisdom of allowing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill to overtake the Bills that were really necessary for Parliament to debate and pass.

Now one wonders curiously whether the President of Uganda may be the one who has either inadvertently or by design stalled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, albeit only temporarily,  by usurping Parliament’s time today, thereby thwarting any possibility of a Kill the Gays Bill as Kadaga’s Xmas gift to the Nation.  Indeed giving Kadaga the perfect OUT! (no Pun)

Parliament rests tomorrow for the Xmas vacation and there will probably now be no such gift. At least not this Xmas.

An aside: As it happens yesterday Kadaga received a blessing from the Pope during a visit to the Vatican – interesting that the Hon. bearer of Xmas gift was out of the way being blessed by the Pope while the Gays in Uganda receive a reprieve!  Maye a better header would have been “While Kadaga Gets Pope’s blessing Gays Get Reprieve” – so many ways to spin this yarn!

Melanie Nathan

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