Clayton County Detectives Fail to respond to missing Lesbian Lisa Lawson’s Disappearance

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By Melanie Nathan, Dec 04, 2012.

UPDATED 6. 41 AM DEC 5 2012:

Chuntrey Equality Pheap REPORTS via facebook :- “IMPORTANT!!! FROM MICHELLE (Lisa’s Girlfriend): It is with the greatest level of sadness that I have to come to you all and let you know that Lisa has been found, but she is no longer with us. We really do not care to discuss the details so please understand if I don’t respond. We are working on arrangements and will let everyone know when services will be. #lisamatters Rest In Peace Lisa… I love you more than Love…Please send your prayers, love and postitive vibes/energy to: Thank you all for putting forth the effort to help with Lisa’s search. God bless!”—————————————————————————————

HELP find Carlisa (Lisa) Lawson. She went missing from Henry County Georgia on Monday November 19th. She was last seen around 3pm. Police Detective have failed to respond to Lisa’s partner and the family members seeking the help they need to find her. Please watch the heart wrenching  Video below to understand what has happened.

Lisa is 40 years old   –   5’10, 175 Pounds

She was last seen wearing a red Atlanta Falcons sweatshirt, black sweat pants, and shoes to match. Her brown, blondish/reddish hair is worn in a variety of styles. Sometimes in an afro style, braided, and twisted.

She drives a Dark Green 2001 Chevy Suburban with Tags from Henry County, PAN6028.

She has a tattoo of an exploding heart on her right upper arm and a colorful Ying/Yang on her right calf. Her cell phone has been dead since 11/21 and is currently untraceable.

Lisa has a large family and many friends in the Atlanta area that are worried sick and want to know she is okay. If you have seen her, anywhere in the country, please reach out to us. We will investigate any lead you can provide.

Please take a look at this video and share it with all of your social media outlets.

Also, please click the Media button to send an email to national and local news outlets asking them to run her story.

Because Lisa is an adult, local law enforcement is not placing her disappearance as a priority. News Outlets won’t run her story unless they get a priority directive from the Clayton County Investigator. We need the support of the community to help find Lisa.  Write to Clayton County Police

13 thoughts on “Clayton County Detectives Fail to respond to missing Lesbian Lisa Lawson’s Disappearance

  1. I was thinking as I started reading the article, “I’ll bet this is happening in a southern state, and what! to my wandering eyes should appear: Alanta, Georgia!!! The epicenter of blind justice, REALLY, REALLY BLIND! Who wudda thunk it??!!?

  2. Is it possible for Lisa’s partner, family, & friends to pitch in to hire a private detective. I realize that they shouldn’t have to- but time is of the essence? Just a thought.

  3. This is a very frustrating and anger provoking situation. It shows that for some the lives of LGBT individuals aren’t valued. I will say that Clayton County Policy Department has had some issues in the recent past — budget cuts, poor management, political misconduct, etc. However, these issues should not have stopped/slowed the search for this woman. My hope is that through the LGBT community pulling together and demanding that the police department and local media take this missing person report seriously will change how situations like this in the future are handled.

  4. We love Couch Lisa and she will always be missed. It hurts to know that Clayton County Police Department did not adhere to the missing persons request. Couch Lisa is one of the best couches that Henry County Middle School has ever had and Lisa took the seventh grade girls to win third place in the county in 2011-2012 school year. This is a devastating lost for the family,seventh grade basket-ball team,parents,and friends. Couch Lisa loved all of the girls in a special way and no one can replace the love that she displayed to our children.

  5. Lisa will truly be missed. Lisa was my sister in law, and the best Aunt to my grandson i could have wished for. Boy she used to get on my nerves with those damn FALCONS, but you couldnt help but LOVE HER. Until we see eachother again my sister… I love you!

  6. Lisa was a student in my education and cultural diversity class last year. She was warm, beautiful, smart, kind, funny, and just a wonderful person to know. She loved fishing and being on the water. Lisa, I hope you are on a fishing boat in the most beautiful deep blue ocean with a marlin on your line. God bless the family. This is a tragic loss.

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