Uganda Gay LGBT Groups Vehemently Condemn the Anonymous Hack of Ugandan Government Sites

Sexual Minorities Uganda condemns the hacking of Uganda government website

By Melanie Nathan,August 17,  2012

When I heard ANONYMOUS had hacked the Ugandan Government websites I was shocked and disappointed. For a good few reasons, including the fact that Anonymous used a photo I had obtained the right to use for an article in the Advocate, to do its bidding. I immediately wrote my  report condemning the attack,   realizing that the Ugandan activists were not likely to have participated in such a thing and noting the irresponsibility and insensitivity of the Anonymous Action. In doing so I was quoted on The Advocate, and other publications.

Anonymous Should have cut off the identity of the man as I have done here. I use this photo with permission of David Robinson who owns the Copyright.

The Following is a statement which came out today on behalf of  the LGBTI activists and groups in Ugandan about the recent attack by  Anonymous, the International Hacksters  against the Ugandan Government a few days ago:-

” It has come to the attention of the office of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) and its collaboration of partners that yesterday a Ugandan government website was hacked into and shut down by the activist group that calls itself Anonymous. SMUG and its partners do not condone this action.

No member in our office, network, or in the Ugandan LGBTI community was consulted or involved in this action by “Anonymous” in any way. The hacking of government websites and the corresponding statements by Anonymous do not reflect the views of SMUG and its partners, allies and/or friends. As Ugandans ourselves, we stand with our community and equally share in the burden of this illegal and counterproductive action. In our view, the act opens every Ugandan citizen to the potential of danger and hinders the operations of our sovereign nation. Additionally, it has the unfortunate potential consequence of further targeting the LGBTI community – the very individuals Anonymous claims to be supporting through their action. If a member of Anonymous had contacted any person in this office or in the LGBTI community, they would have learned this from us directly.

Anonymous by nature is an unknown, secretive entity who acts independently against the governments and organizations it opposes. Its members did not reveal themselves to us or provide us with any communication on their proposed actions. Further, as an organization that advocates and practices only peaceful and legal pathways in its effort to ensure that basic human rights are guaranteed to all Ugandan citizens, SMUG and its partners would like to distance and distinguish themselves from the organization that calls itself Anonymous.

Sexual Minorities Uganda does not condone the activities of this group and shares in the dismay, frustration and anger that our fellow citizens have experienced. We are prepared to work with the Ugandan government to ensure that those responsible for this action are found and held accountable.”

In this statement the Ugandan gay groups and community distance themselves appropriately and are showing Ugandan Government, the Ugandan people and  the world that they are Ugandans firsta nd foremost, like anyone else in the country with their country’s interest at the fore.  All the LGBTI community want is their basic human right to live their loves according totheir natural born sexuality, and to love in peace.

Anonymous has no remorse? tweets :


@PinkNinj4 lulz..u fix ill keep defacing. I stand and say HEY, FUCK YOU UGANDA. #GETSOME

6 thoughts on “Uganda Gay LGBT Groups Vehemently Condemn the Anonymous Hack of Ugandan Government Sites

  1. Oh that is a shame, I was hoping it would help. Back to the drawing board. It is seeming increasingly hard for foreigners to know what to do to help. One wonders if they don’t really want outsiders help.

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