Video Sexual Abuse of Girls Ignored while Ugandan Government Attacks Gays Instead of Heterosexual Pedophiles

By Melanie Nathan, August 15, 2012.

They came to Uganda to preach against homosexuality; the American Evangelical Christians, exporting hate. And they succeeded in influencing legislators to come up with a Bill that has been introduced several times into the Ugandan Parliament, where it continues to languish, known as the Anti-Homosexuality or Kill the Gays Bill. Yet when looking at the real problems facing Uganda, which boil down to despotism, corruption and poverty, one wonders how the Ugandans could have fallen for the great Biblical ploy enshrined in holy hypocrisy.

If enacted it will dictate a version of so called morality while incriminating Ugandans for what many in the world believe to their natural born sexuality, a  basic human right.  Ugandan gays and the LGBTI community are not fighting for equality – they are fighting for their right to be left in peace, to love, even if that love is with someone of the same-sex. They assert they do no harm and want their privacy.

In the meantime, the Ugandan followers of the dictates of American preachers such as Scott Lively and Lou Engle, have been duped into a set of lies and to justify their stance against homosexuality have had to conjure a tale.  They tell the story of children being recruited into being gay, and they tell the story of so called “promotion” of homosexuality. Yet, there is not one single case of such – not a single example presented of this phoney rhetoric. When Rachel Maddow on U.S. television, asked David Bahati the Ugandan Member of Parliament and author of The Kill the Gays Bill for an example of recruitment of children he failed to present a single example.  I entered into a series of conversations and a radio debate on SWIRL with Bahati  and also asked for examples. A year later not a single legitimate example of such has appeared.

Now a tiny proportion of Ugandans who happen to be LGBTI people are trying to live their lives in love, peace and in privacy. And while the law languishes, we have Minister of Ethics and Integrity Hon. Simon Lokodo running around arresting a handful of peace loving activists at workshops and Gay Pride events – for crimes that do not yet exist.

The shocking video below shows the  stark and glaring contrast, however, where we have a very quiet set of American Evangelicals and a very quiet Minister of Ethics and very quiet David Bahati when it comes to the real ills of Uganda and the real criminals – the actual pedophiles – are free to roam. You see the real criminals are the real pedophiles. The people that are physically hurting Ugandan children and defraying Uganda morals,  all in fact. The people who are participating in the daily abuse of thousands of children, little girls and thousands of women. Without the customers there are no prostitutes and without the pedophiles there is no market to sell these children.

The video below shows the real and very masked ill of Uganda. It is one of the saddest videos I have ever seen in my life and it tears me apart. I am a lesbian who lives a religious, moral, clean and good life.  I cried when I watched what is happening to the children of Uganda in the hands of straight men.  I cried when I realized Uganda’s government is doing nothing to help these children and women and wasting their time and tax payer money on a handful of peace loving gays.   That is not to say Uganda is the only country guilty of this – but Uganda is the one country that i setting out to attack gays as “hurting children” – a lie – while what this video shows is in fact going on.

Yes, I am a lesbian and like to believe I do a lot of good in this world – being gay never gets in the way of that. I have never hurt a child. My children are well raised and unharmed. Even Bahati called me a “good woman”  in one of our many conversations.  He calls me his sister; but he cannot understand that God made me gay.  As good as I may be,  you in Uganda , if you pass that law, will arrest me for aggravated homosexuality. You will make a law criminalizing me and my existence.  While there is no law being enforced to hang the real pedophiles? And if there were such law straight men would be hanging daily!

I have never hurt a child and quite honestly I do not know how to recruit anyone to be a lesbian.  It is not possible. I cannot create an attraction for someone else to feel. What sense does that make?

In Uganda the prostitution and sexual abuse of young girls and women, by straight men, is rampant and the same Evangelicals who impacted the legislation against being gay, have yet to condemn Ugandans for this. And worse yet,  President Museveni and his wife Janet and PM  Bahati and Hon. Lokodo are never on TV or in the news condemning these abuses of their women and children. Abuses by the thousands. Unlike the attacks in gays where resources are being wasted-  a handful of gays having fun with each other and they must be arrested – for what? Getting together and talking to each other about life?

What Ugandans do not realize is  the big irony.  Ugandans tell the WEST to leave them alone to their own cultural beliefs – that homosexuality as a human right is a Western import.  But it is not. people have been gay naturally in African since time cannot even  remember.  Indeed what is a Western import is the bible and those who interpret it out of context.  But this Article is not to debunk the Evangelical interpretations of the of the Bible pertaining to homosexuality, which is very easy to do, but its purpose is to point out the hypocrisy. Ugandans have been fooled into using a small group as scapegoats to avoid the truth


Has anyone advocated Bahati for “Kill the Johns Bill?” For a bill to kill the married men who prey upon children and exploit poverty stricken mothers who have turned to prostitution to feed their babies?  did the bible not condemn adultery?  Uganda for as long as you persecute gays and videos like the one below exist, you ought to be damn ashamed of yourselves!.

Pedophilia should be pursued as criminal — whether committed by a straight or gay persons – but homosexuality ought not be a crime – homosexuality is as much an act of loving relationship as it is a sex act. Most gay and lesbian people only want to sleep with the person they are in love with – just like any law abiding citizen. Same-sex relationships in privacy between two consenting adults is not criminal and hurts no one. The allegation that gay people are recruiting or promoting homosexuality is a false way around the fact that being gay cannot hurt anyone
Scott lively and American Evangelicals are hypocrites and thankfully are now being sued by The Center for Constitutional Rights in the USA for what they have done to hurt Ugandans.

Leave the LGBTI peace lovers alone and go after the people who are really hurting your children.

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Twitter: Melanienathan1


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