Congresswoman Requests Secretary Clinton to Deny US Entry to Anti-GAY Ugandan Giles Muhame

, member of the United States Congress.

By Melanie Nathan, July 11, 2012.

SAN FRANCISCO – Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, a Democrat  who represents Marin and Sonoma Counties in California has requested that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deny Giles Muhame of Uganda, a VISA to the United States for being one “of the worst human rights violators in the world.”

Giles Muhame, the editor of the Ugandan Tabloid “Rolling Stone” outed 100 gays in his magazine, publishing their photos under the header “100 Known Homos” next to a picture of a hangman noose , and a caption “HANG THEM.”

Last month after communicating with Muhame, he informed me he planned to attend a friend’s wedding in the U.S.A.  I was outraged and so started a petition on to protest and try prevent Muhame  from entering the U.S.

At the same time I personally contacted the department of State to express my disapproval and then wrote to my Congresswoman, Lynn Woolsey.  The Congresswoman took immediate action and in no uncertain terms expressed her disdain at the idea that this person, who caused untold physical and psychological harm to his fellow Ugandan citizens, would possibly be allowed into the United States.

I am truly grateful to Congresswoman Woolsey.

I believe this sends an important  message that here in the United States, this Administration under President Obama, and the people of the United States do not support the criminalization of homosexuality, we support equality. We consider the right to one’s sexuality a basic  human right. People who act out against this fundamental principal are not welcome in our country.

It is my opinion that Giles Muhame and people like him, who incite and exacerbate violence against LGBTI people are the criminals and the United States and many other countries will not tolerate such persecution.

Here is the Congresswoman’s letter to Secretary Clinton which she wrote inspired by my Article and the resulting Petition:

The Petition I launched on can be found at

My Article that I sent to Congresswoman Woolsey which inspired this letter can be seen at

Hang The Gays Monster Giles Muhame Heading to the US

Muhame Giles of Rolling Stone Uganda, is exposed as a Gay hating opportunist who is seeking to extort money from  a gay activist and the LGBTI community

By Melanie Nathan, June 26, 2012

Giles Muhame the editor of Rolling Stone, the Ugandan tabloid that outed David Kato and 100 other gay, lesbian, and LGBTI people back in 2010, is coming to America for a friend’s wedding and the United States should refuse or revoke his VISA.  Muhame is an opportunist who has attempted to extort money from me pretending he has reversed his thinking, as he continues to take advantage of the LGBTI community through a proposed book that he admits is all about making money……..

Melanie Nathan
twitter @melanienathan1
Facebook: Melanie Nathan Advocacy

5 thoughts on “Congresswoman Requests Secretary Clinton to Deny US Entry to Anti-GAY Ugandan Giles Muhame

  1. We should also vigilantly “Slam” the DC Based “Quasi Religious” Organization commonly know as “The Family! For supporting this Mans’ Ilk abroad, and openly promoting the “Kill the Gays” Bill, in a Sovereign Nation! They’re truly “Reprehensible” and repugnant! Their “NPO” tax exempt status should be in jeopardy!

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