Hang The Gays Monster Giles Muhame Heading to the US Amidst Extortion EXPOSÉ

Muhame Giles of Rolling Stone Uganda, is exposed as a Gay hating opportunist who is seeking to extort money from  a gay activist and the LGBTI community

By Melanie Nathan, June 26, 2012

Giles Muhame the editor of Rolling Stone, the Ugandan tabloid that outed David Kato and 100 other gay, lesbian, and LGBTI people back in 2010, is coming to America for a friend’s wedding and the United States should refuse or revoke his VISA.  Muhame is an opportunist who has attempted to extort money from me pretending he has reversed his thinking, as he continues to take advantage of the LGBTI community through a proposed book that he admits is all about making money.

Muhame is highly disliked and seen as an enemy of the LGBTI community in Uganda and worldwide.  He has caused irreparable harm to the hundreds of gay people he maliciously exposed in his Tabloid Newspaper back in 2010. It my opinion that  Giles Muhame can be indirectly blamed for the death of Ugandan LGBTI activist David Kato.

Muhame’s magazine, Rolling Stone, a Ugandan tabloid, displayed the pictures of Gay community members and activists next to a picture of a hangman’s rope, stating “HANG THEM.”  Since that time life has been intolerable for the hundreds Muhame purposely exposed to life threatening danger.

Some had to flee Uganda, others were subjected to assaults and torture by family members and community. All this occurred in the highly charged anti-gay climate in Uganda during the period when the Anti-Homosexuality Bil, otherwise known as ‘The Kill the Gays Bill,’  had been introduced by MP David Bahati and which is still pending Uganda’s Parliament.

Muhame Giles, a self serving loser sought favor with the Museveni government and had hoped his own popularity through the expose of gays would enhance his political aspirations.  He boasted to his Facebook friends:-“the people of Ibanda South constituency are on their knees, begging me to represent them in parliament  2016.”

He also continues to use derogatory terminology against the Gay community, inciting hate and should not be allowed on US soil.

Just prior to his murder in 2011, David Kato and other LGBTI activists successfully sued Muhame and Rolling Stone Magazine in Uganda’s High Court. They won an injunction against Rolling Stone, Muhame prohibiting the magazine from the hateful exposure of the LGBTI community and Muhame was ordered to pay a substantial amount of money in reparation. In a failed attempt to raise money for an appeal, it is now clear that he is seeking his retribution through extortion of the very community he already victimized.

In May of 2011 after the shocking murder of David Kato, I noticed that Muhame had made extremely offensive remarks about the murdered hero and so I made contact with Muhame and expressed my anger toward him.

(see the screenshot to the right.) 

To my great surprise Muhame told me ‘confidentiallythat he had changed his mind on the issue of homosexuality.

He told me he had uncovered the real motivation behind the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and that if I gave him $45,000 to procure an affidavit from a person who had been bribed by a government official and to cover other so called expenses,
he would share the information with me.

Imagine the man who had outed the gays and said “Hang Them” – had changed his mind, felt remorse and uncovered a sinister unexposed government motivation behind the “Kill The Gays Bill.” That would be big news.

I did not trust Muhame and felt like he was trying to extort money from me. But thought I would pursue his assertions further, in an attempt to get more information as I did believe that there was more to the Bill and the players behind it. I suggested that if he were sincere that he and I write a book together on the subject.

I dangled the carrot and said I would pursue a publisher. I did just that and then received communications from a source in Uganda who confirmed my suspicion. Muhame was not intending to be forthcoming.  Since that time I have been trying to obtain more information.

However I was spurred to this post after seeing Muhame in unrepentant pose on the film “Call Me Kuchu,” this month.  I decided that Giles Muhame, the “King of Outing”  did not deserve my confidentiality and I am coming out with this information.

Today I contacted Muhame again and asked him if he was interested in an apology to the LGBTI community. But it seems clear that Muhame’s  only intention is to exploit LGBTI people and he is not giving anything away unless he can make money doing it! He wants us to pay him  to come out with his so called expose of bribery in Uganda and that we the community will need to pay for his so called remorse. He is not willing to do it for free.  

He then told me he was coming to the US for a friend’s wedding and we could meet up and then he would tell me more. I told him that unless he apologizes to the GAY community first, without being paid to do it, he is not welcome in the USA.

This is our conversation from today:

Melanie Nathan: After the showing of you on the movie “Call me Kuchu” you are the most hated man in San Francisco! People really thought you were inhumane and cruel. Are you still standing against homosexuality? You told me you had changed your position.  BUT that was not my impression from the film. In the film you came across to Americans as being very ridiculous. I cannot get money like you asked me to tell your story – but I can help you look better in the public eye when you are ready to speak.

Muhame GilesI am not interested in “looking better in the public eye of Americans”. I have not viewed the film though i don’t think i am really interested. To Americans am a monster but Africans view me as a hero. I will get money to tell my story. Many thanks for checking on me. GM

Melanie NathanThanks for response. Do u still think that the motive behind the anti homosexuality bill is based on lies about gays. Do u still regret printing the pics of gays in your mag.

Muhame Giles  – I don’t wanna comment! Let’s talk about other developmental things. GM

Melanie Nathan – what do you want to talk about?It looks like from the film that you were interviewed and that you cooperated with the film makers. But your hate for gays came across very strongly in the film. So I am wondering if you are sincere about your change of heart towards gays?

Muhame Giles – Which film is that? By who? what do u mean it “looks like?”

Melanie NathanCall me Kuchu. By Malika and Katherine. Its doing the worldwide circuit now. You are portrayed as the Villain with Bahati. “It looks like” I mean it seems as if you cooperated to give the interview for the film and you made remarks that came across as if you were happy that gays were harmed by rolling stone. Then it show you in Court when you lost the case and the smile went away from your face. The people laughed at you in the audience.

Muhame GilesHehehe….that’s funny! Those chics came to me for an interview which i gave. Very busy now, doubt whether i will look for it. May be in future. People have a right to laugh or cry.

Melanie NathanWell I cannot imagine how awful it must be to be so clearly on the side of Hate. Hate is not what GOD wanted from his flock.  People may have a right to laugh or cry. But people also have a right to live without being the target of hate.  BUT lets laugh because heheh you look like a little giggling girl in the movie LOL.   seriously it makes you look really stupid.  thats why i contacted you I hoped you would have something better to say.

Muhame GilesThe past is gone. It’s time to think about the future rather than looking back into useless historical events. Am now focusing on responsibility as a living adult with intellect rather than focusing on what happened in past.

Melanie NathanGiles then you should come out and apologize about what you have done. You caused so much harm, hurt and pain to so many people. Its easy for you to sit there and say lets move forward, But what have you done to move forward? What about the suffering you have caused?

Muhame GilesMelanie, Melanie, Melanie, Melanie, Melanie…………….

Melanie Nathan – Thats an easy answer! LOL!

Muhame GilesSure. lolest!

Melanie Nathanare you remorseful? I think I am going to OUT you as GAY maybe that will get some real answers from you LOL. I want to speak to your gal friend to prove you not gay Giles? I mean you really look gay in that film. seriously.

Muhame Gilesyeah, very much!! I even say sorry when i offend my girl friend! It’s the easiest thing for me -unlike other men. It has to be necessary though.  hehehehe……staple for comedians around Kampala. u must be getting good Q & A stuff for your blog. By the way i am heading to North America soon, will give you a call we link up since you can not come to UG

Melanie Nathanah huh -When are you coming? -what cities?

Muhame Gilessoon – will inform you when i pop there – just for someone’s wedding

Melanie Nathanah well I think I am going to stop you from coming because you are NOT welcome here. Not until you apologize to the GAY community of Uganda. I am feeling really angry toward you right now, I am going to report you to the State department and tell them to revoke your VISA. As far as we see it you are with Bahati. Bahati was kicked out of USA. I am sick to my stomach that you want to make money from a book before you will come out and speak the truth. I am serious – no more games Giles – you hurt too many people and you are NOT going to get away with it anymore. I will see to that. You have played this down and played games with me. The time is over now.

All said and done, Giles Muhame is not welcome in the USA and if he does get a VISA the Gay community will find his location and we will protest every step that he walks on US soil.

In the meantime Giles Muhame has called for the death of gays in Uganda and named them and  that is how his record stands.

Do you think Muhame Giles should enjoy his friend’s wedding on US soil?  If not here is the petition to BAN Muhame from US Soil http://www.change.org/petitions/ban-hang-the-gays-giles-muhame-from-the-united-states

David Kato in Court Defeating Giles Muhame and Rolling Stone soon before his murder.

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FYI this is how this man thinks – SO when considering his VISA lets note –

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