Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Kill Gays Question

By Melanie Nathan, March 28, 2012

Kirk Cameron has come out with a pseudo-historical documentary  which premiered last night and is asking that the film, Monumental, become a movement. He is also selling material by Marshall Foster on the Monument website. We are compelled to ask Cameron where he stands, especially in light of his recent anti-gay remarks,  on the question of the death penalty for homosexuals based on sexual orientation.

My friend Warren Throckmorton has kindly provided me with these important insights and the association with Foster that warrant questioning.  By associating with Foster in this fashion and in his quest for a movement Cameron has some questions to answer.

“A Rev. Kayser interviews Marshall Foster, the now famous guest and co-producer of Kirk Cameron’s movie Monumental, about the biblical foundations of liberty, something that sounds a lot like Cameron’s movie. Cameron is offering material from Foster for sale on the Monumental website.”

In September, 2011  Marshall Foster, who is clearly now associated with Cameron, was the keynote speaker at the Providential History Festival hosted by ‘Ron Paul’s death penalty for gays pastor, ‘Phillip Kayser, who was touted by Ron Paul as an endorser  in the Iowa GOP primary.  However when it appeared that  Kayser, the Omaha, NE pastor brought seriously controversial baggage with his endorsement, Ron Paul removed all traces of him from his website.

The undesirable endorser of the GOP presidential candidate clearly believes in the death penalty for gays, adulterers, disobedient children, idolators, etc. He vehemently asserts that U.S. civil law should reflect the Old Testament book of Leviticus.

In December, 2011, Throckmorton  notes “I wrote about these views on the death penalty which led to at least two national stories about Kayser’s endorsement.”

Kirk Cameron says he wants to start a movement; Throckmorton and I want to know where Kirk Cameron wants his movement to go.

Kayser, and apparently Cameron’s associate in the project,  Marshall Foster, believe that civil law should be taken from the Bible. Does Foster and by association Cameron’s  also believe  that gays deserve the death penalty?

If Foster and (by association) Cameron do not agree that Gays ought to suffer the death penalty, yet believe that Bible ought to back civil law, surely they ought to come out and explicitly abstract themselves from the stance!

Kirk Cameron said at the end of his movie that he wants “Monumental” to be a movement. With Mr. Foster involved, both Throckmorton and I think it is fair to ask Cameron where he stands on the issue.

See  Mr. Throckmorton’s article at

Cameron says forget about Government helping with healthcare turn to G-d instead!

“Today, most people are looking to the government to take care of them. Help me with my education. Help me buy a house, and get a job, give me my healthcare, give me my benefits and my government handouts, and take care of me and my family,” Cameron recently shared with The Christian Post.

“What people are actually doing is looking to the government to be their savior […] and when you do that, you give all of the power to the savior that you are depending on,” he added.”

8 thoughts on “Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Kill Gays Question

  1. Cameron, like all others of his ilk, is repressed. Socially, intellectually, or sexually.

    His reaction is to thrash & to project his own self-hatred.

    This is the basis of all anti-anyone & anti-anything that the h8ters do…

    Stop giving them air-time, & they will go away.

    1. Its so obvious and what they dont get is that if they just shut up and kept their place – in the closet – no one would notice and they would be safe – instead they lash out and become obvious and expose themselves in the end!

  2. Sounds like old Kirk there was spurned by a male lover and cannot get over it. Now he wants to villify anyone who seeks truth and happiness in their hearts. I don’t care who he dates, sleeps with or marries. Why should he give a rat’s ass about me?
    It’s unfortunate his attitudes did not grow up with his body. Time to evolve, eh Kirk?

  3. “if they just shut up and kept their place – in the closet – no one would notice and they would be safe – instead they lash out and become obvious and expose themselves in the end!”

    That’s the trouble, though Mel~when same-sex relationships get talked about it serves as a constant reminder of these guys own longings…and they can’t face it- so they lash out. They shove themselves out of the closet as they try to push everyone else back in.

    I think that when these sorts make statements to the effect “allowing or giving equality to same-sex people” will “cause” more homosexuality- what they REALLY mean is that they will, themselves, lose that critical closet door that they cling so desperately to?

  4. Why do you keep referring to people with Kirk Cameron’s view as “haters”? I am a Christian who does not know or associate with any “haters”. Who is full of hate? Please explain! The lord of darkness and his minions are haters, and they are vocal and are not without allies in the old and new media. Kirk is not a fringe crazy nor a hateful human being. Please explain. Peace2UinChrist.

    1. I have respect for Christianity and Christians – I believe those who distort the Bible and use it to spew hate against others are haters! That does not apply to all Christians – so do not mud the waters!

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