San Francisco Castro Vigil kicks off World Outrage at Gay, Emo, Goth Iraq Massacres

“Silence is Complicity! Today we urge the world to show solidarity against the murder of our children.
By Melanie Nathan, 03/14/2012

Yes it is raining a much needed rain in San Francisco and with it brings greater tears as we hold a vigil today in the Castro,  starting at 4:00 PM. The group Gays Without Borders will display a banner and posters demanding that the Iraqi government immediately desist from the state sponsored  skull-crushing murders of gays, emos and goths in Iraq.

We first reported these murders on March 05,2012, however the news has been defined to include modern dressed youth and a targeted attack by Government officials as follows:-

Dan Littauer of Gay Middle East is reporting that “Up to a 100 gay and ‘Emo’ youth massacred in Iraq, some reports indicate it supported by police and state officials.”  The Government itself seems complicit and that has added to the great shock of the reports, which seem to have been verified by pictures now circulating of the events.

Can the Iraqi government officially state that it did not order the murders? Can the Iraqi government state that it will investigate those who did order the massacres and will it bring to justice those who are committing and further threatening the genocide of any youth in that country who dress diversely from social and religious norms of the Iraqi mainstream, culture and religion?

The barbaric kidnapping, torture, killings, in mass, without trial of Iraqi youth is unacceptable to the world – whether the victims are gay, emo or goth, matters not!  It is here in the Castro today that we urge the World to express its outrage and to pressure the Iraqi Government to desist from its human rights violations.

The U.S. Government must also take responsibility for these killings, as since the demise of Saddam Hussein, violence against sexual minorities in Iraq has increased.

The powerful poster above right, is disturbing and difficult to look at,  but we must show the world the brutality of the murders of these young people in Iraq. With thanks to political artist Clinton Fein, who  designed the banner for use in today’s vigil, permission is granted for anyone to use the picture and/or to make their own similar poster to call attention to the killings.

And Gary Virginia, who penned the appeal below to the goth community, has also created a memorial wreath, to be used at the vigil today, commemorating the young Iraqis who’ve died during this spate of murders:

“I’m an activist and community fundraiser in San Francisco and am reaching out to your Facebook Group GOTH CLUBS for support.

I’m with a group called Gays Without Borders and we’re having a vigil on March 14, 4-6pm, at Castro and 18th streets denouncing the brutal killings of Goths, Emos and Gays and suspected Gays in Iraq.

It is believed that 100 have been killed in recent weeks with a witchhunt mentality. Many of the victims are straight but dress differently so they were targeted. The killings are continuing.”

Here is the FB event if you are able to quickly post it:

We are of the belief that we are ONE human race on a very connected planet. These types of brutal slayings of innocent people should not be occurring in the 21st century. We appreciate any support.

The murders have been reported in the New York Times; Confirmed by U.S. Embassy in Iraq and U.S. State department: See –

“This embassy shares your concern about the recent attacks in Iraq against individuals identified as gay or part of the “emo” culture.  When NGOs here in Iraq first brought this issue to our attention, we immediately expressed our concern to the Government of Iraq, urged immediate measures to combat this violence, and undertook to try to ascertain the details of these attacks.

Along with the Embassy, the U.S. Department of State strongly condemns the recent violence and killings in Iraq by groups who appear to be targeting individuals based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or personal expression.  These acts of intolerance should have no place in any society.”

Today we urge the world to show solidarity against the murder of our children. Silence is complicity!

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