Insulting Mandela While Zimbabwe President Mugabe Tells West to go to Hell

Calling Leaders who believe in Justice and Equality Weak is direct insult to Mandela!

Melanie Nathan, 02/26/2012

Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe ended his 88th birthday celebrations with a message for the youth of his country and the rest of Africa, asking them to shun Western values, homosexuality and greed.

All this in the context of a lavish birthday bash, while 99.9% of Zimbabwe live in hovels and starve!

According to an AP  report, the event was held in the eastern city of Mutare, where Mugabe is reported to have said that some African leaders have become “weak and naive” and think only of material gains when “kneeling” to Westerners.

Mugabe turned 88 on Tuesday. Organizers from his party said 20 000 people attended the celebrations.

Unacceptable Western ideals included same-sex marriages, Mugabe said. ( His neighboring  South Africa has legalized same-sex marriage with thanks to Madiba Nelson Mandela’s administration.)

“We reject that outright and say to hell with you,” he said in a nationwide broadcast of the event. Can this be taken as a direct insult to 93 year old past SA President Nelson Mandela who is ailing at this time?

I wonder if Mugabe is comfortable calling South Africa’s  President Nelson Mandela weak? In effect that is exactly what he is doing with this statement, as an aging Mandela lies recovering from hernia surgery.

Nelson Mandela is the one African leader who at the time of his release from prison, after apartheid ended, vowed to end discrimination as a matter of law and promised a society free of prejudice.  If Mugabe thinks that this is a Western only value and those who embrace it are weak, all he is doing is inviting draconian stigmas to Africa. However most of us in the West see Mugabe as an fool and a despot and we take his verbiage “from whence it comes.”

To equate equality and human rights with the West is an excuse for despots like Mugabe to get away with his autocratic dictatorship. The people who support Mugabe are like battered wives who have no choice but to wave their flags and cheer as the King of Hate in Africa commands! – He said: “In their newspapers, that’s one of my sins. That I called (gays) worse than pigs and dogs because pigs know there are males and females. ‘I won’t even call him a dog because my own dog will complain. I’s even in the Bible that you create through the system of marrying. That’s how we were b

orn, so we reject that outright and say to hell with you.”

8 thoughts on “Insulting Mandela While Zimbabwe President Mugabe Tells West to go to Hell

  1. Mugwump MooGooMugabe (sic, sick) has always been the laughingstock circus clown of all of Africa! Better he should suffer from AIDS painfully and never die, just suffer for eternity!!! The Western World can do quite well without any of Afffffrica!!! Gesundheit!

    1. in as much as i dont like mugabe very much i stil represent his stance on gay. Nelson mandela failed african culture wen he allowed same sex marriage.

      1. You are o the side of genocide and hate, sir! Sexual orientation differences and spectrums are perfectly natural and you in your ignorance have no understanding. You need to do some reading on the science and maybe some of your bias can change! Good luck with your education if you are willing. Or stay seated in draconian colonial thinking!

      2. You’re prejudice against different groups ultimately allows dictators like Mugabe to exist by exploiting the fears of inferiority to the population. People think gays and people with an alternative mindset can just be abused because of their alternative lifestyle. Abolish the hate in your heart and you will free yourself from discrimination.

        1. gay rights arent human rights ….Not in africa…and throwin around the race card as a reason to accept gay rights is a non starter

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