Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on Meet the Press 1965 Watch Video

Ned Brooks on NBC’s meet the Press in 1965 with guest Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr., from San Francisco after he delivered his sermon at Grace Cathedral.  A must watch video below will remind us on this important day of the force of the Civil Rights movement and what it takes to bring change. MLK Jr. is grilled by critics.

Former President Truman was quoted by AP  as saying that the march in Alabama was  “silly can’t and accomplish a darn thing except to attract attention!”  Dr. MLK Jr. answered.. that the march was NOT silly at all…  did more to dramatize the indignities and injustices that negro people faced in south.  ….. The most powerful and dramatic civil rights process that has ever taken place in the South.”

Note MLK Jr. speaks about poverty and the promises of an Equality Bill for the poor.

THE PHOTO above depicts March protests in Chicago which will be on display at the 30th anniversary MHRC Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Awards Dinner in Marin County

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