Predicting the Streets of San Francisco


by Melanie Nathan, Dec 27, 2011
Just sayin’….

Photo by Melanie Nathan

San Francisco is a hot-bed for LGBTQI activism – we know that!  Its history amazes and amuses, it is queer personified and its is eclectic till the next ‘Big One’ and then eclectic again. It rises above ashes and ruins and it tumbles down and comes back up again.  We are here until the storm comes home and still when the storm leaves.

San Francisco is a lovers paradise – with or without money. It is revelry and beauty unashamed. Its purpose is for all, exemplified by a glorious bridge that spans life and death, in every which way- people jump off it, cross it, exercise on it, kiss on it, ride it, and goodness knows what else, on it.

It costs $6.00 to cross by car, North to South!

Fisherman’s wharf  clam chowder on a cold soupy day, art galleries, restaurants, woodsy and beach walks, Legion of Honor, San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir, kites on Mariner, Chinese and Japanese towns, Marin County,Napa, East Bay, Pacifica, South Bay, all within reach – yet at the heart – The Castro, with  flag and fighting merchants, parks, bars, clubs and kids…. where does one start…

I can cross that bridge, drive over buried artifacts, those yet to be found, head toward town, park my car and stand on the steps of the Ninth Circuit on a sunny ‘No on Prop 8’ day, and with Brad’s bullhorn yell “WTF, where are my rights,” while more known friends and enemies adorn our sidewalk, looking to escape into the Court room.

Speaking of which- still exploring – still discovering still making history…. gold rush artifacts from the 1850s, just discovered in San Francisco during the building of the new transportation terminal.  The artifacts discovered have archaeologists excited about what potentially lies underneath the site in the Financial district near downtown San Francisco.

I ask why are there so many homeless people in San Francisco?  I do not have the right answer. I know that many are close to the street  – closer in so many ways- closer than we may like to believe – we are a “big one” away – a mortgage away- a drug addiction away – a lost job away?  Who knows…. the Bridge is always there – for now anyway…

San Francisco Predictions for 2012- Please fill in your comments…

Mine is Prop 8 is Off to The Supreme Court…. but never off the streets of San Francisco!

Thanks for all your 2011 support – Looking forward to announcing new newsy news for 2012

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