Thanks to Readers: Gay Asylum Detainee Joseph Bukombe is Home For XMAS

by Melanie Nathan, Dec 24, 2011.

Posting Bail - Joseph, Hector and Albert

Thanks to all the seventy donors who contributed to bail for Joseph Bukombe, who was released from Otay Mesa  detention center in San Diego late last night. He enjoyed his first meal with friends in San Diego at a Kenyan restaurant  and wanted to express his deep appreciation to everyone who helped to secure his release after two years in prison.

Joseph and his close friend Hector Martinez, who has worked so hard for his release, will be attending Midnight Mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral tonight in San Diego.

The major fund raising push to effect Joseph’s release was through the work of Rev,. Canon Albert Ogle and the  of the St. Paul’s Foundation.

In this excitement this morning Rev. Ogle, who has helped well known Ugandan Bishop Christopher Senyonjo to set up a ministry to help LGBTI people in Uganda, had more great news to share.  He told us the Foundation was able to complete the matching grant for Bishop Christopher Senyonjo’s work in Kampala.

The income from the Bishop’s recent tour of the U.S.A. exceeded their goal of $80,000, and so he will be able to have a Development Director in 2012.  “I spoke to the bishop on Thursday and he was deeply touched by the love and support that continues to pour into his ministry.” said Ogle.

“To all the tour’s host city coordinators, tour sponsors and donors, I want to express my personal thanks and hope our Christmas joy will be complete as we celebrate the courage and gifts of these two Ugandans. The hope they represent for millions of LGBT people and their allies all over the world is a light. Our partnerships with them and each other are a blessing,” Ogle added.

Bukombe’s struggle is not over, as he has an asylum appeal to prepare.  We are hoping to bring more good news during the course of the year and will keep our readers informed. In the meantime please keep an eye out for further such pleas for help – the LGBTI family around the globe have no where else to turn – no family – no government of their own – the needs the support of the global community.

Thank you all,

Blessings for this Holiday Season,


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