Zimbabwe: MP Arrested – Allegedly called Robert Mugabe a Homosexual

Posted by Melanie Nathan ; 12/20/2011

“Way to Dress Robert Mugabe;- What a fellow!”

Mrs Lillian Kirenyi, a legislator from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party was on Tuesday charged with undermining the authority of President Mugabe. This is a re-post from the Daily Nation – an Article hard to resist!

“The court was told that the MP committed the alleged offence during an address to party supporters on December 9.

She allegedly said: “Zanu PF (President Mugabe’s party) members been attacking MDC president Tsvangirai alleging he is pro-homosexuals yet Robert Mugabe has practiced homosexuality with (Professor) Jonathan Moyo (former Information minister) and Canaan Banana (Zimbabwe’s first ceremonial president).”

The late Mr Banana was jailed for sodomizing his bodyguard. Mr Tsvangirai came under fire recently after he told the BBC in an interview that he wanted to see the rights of homosexuals protected in Zimbabwe’s new constitution.  “

Prof Moyo, now an influential Zanu PF legislator, has been calling on Mr Tsvangirai to step down after the PM ended his alleged 12 day marriage with a Harare businesswoman last month.  read more…. http://www.nation.co.ke/News/africa/MP+arrested+for+saying+Mugabe+is+homosexual+/-/1066/1293062/-/h3vo1wz/-/




4 thoughts on “Zimbabwe: MP Arrested – Allegedly called Robert Mugabe a Homosexual

    1. Madison you gave me a good laugh!! THanks read the latest story about Pink trash cans in Zimbabwe. It cant get funnier!!

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