Kim Jong Il DEAD and Maybe Lady Gaga Goes to Funeral?

Even Dictators die. Theocratic Communism may survive this dictator as enigmatic third son Kim Jong Un is set to take over North Korean leadership now that papa is dead.  This may raise the specter of political chaos in this nuclear-armed hermit country.

Some suggest it is unclear whether the Swiss-educated, Jong Un, 27, has the skills to stay in power or keep the fragile country from collapse.  Others suggest that because of his youth – twenty’s enigmatic – he may try and prove himself with a missile attack or two!

Also he likes pop music last I heard; and maybe Gaga gets to visit- maybe even for the funeral!  That may change everything.



3 thoughts on “Kim Jong Il DEAD and Maybe Lady Gaga Goes to Funeral?

  1. When Stalin died (1952), the vast majority of his supporters ceased immediately supporting the policies of his regime. The same thing also happened when TITO died in Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the same thing will happen in North Korea.

    Kim Jong Il inherited his power after his father, Kim Il Sung died in 1994. I think his son Kim Jong Un will probably become the next leader. There have been some unconfined reports that Kim Jong Un has been already announced as leader.

    Sadly, it’s the people of North Korea that are going to continue to suffer the most from the continuation of this regime. Only the people of North Korea can initiate the necessary change the country needs to become a democratic, free and stable nation.

    Maybe the two Korean peninsulas will become reunited?

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