Justice for Michael Jackson

By Melanie Nathan

Justice lies in the Life Long Indictment that Conrad Murray Killed Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s family wept as Dr. Conrad Murray was led away in handcuffs to serve a maximum four year sentence for putting the superstar to sleep, forever! Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.  Gross negligence is tantamount to killing – especially at the hands of a doctor!

The Judge Michael Pastor expressed anger, clearly outraged by what he termed  Murray’s mistreatment of Jackson in a “cycle of horrible medicine” and “medicine madness.

Murray, 58, treated Jackson like a “medical experiment,” the judge said, which factored into his decision to hand down the maximum sentence of four years, which the Jackson family had requested. Jail overcrowding could result in the four-year sentence being cut at least in half.

The statement asked the judge to “impose a sentence that reminds physicians they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder.” So while Michael Jackson’s Doctor was  sentenced to four years, one wonders if justice was truly served, given that Jackson is dead and Murray will probably be released two years from now.

The judge’s tone was definitive and its clear he was determined to make an example of the doctor:  “Jackson died of a totality of circumstances directly attributable to Dr. Murray. ”

He asserted that this was not a mistake but a result of a series of decisions by the doctor which jeopardized his patient.  The violations overcome all else.  He gave a scathing review of Murray’s actions while treating Jackson, saying the doctor “violated his sworn oath for money, fame, prestige.”  He said there was a “recurring, continuous pattern of deceit, lies,” and cited a “longstanding failure of character” by Murray.

The bottom line when determining justice is the fact that Conrad Murray will always be known as the man who killed Megastar, beloved icon Michael Jackson.

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