Amy Winehouse DEAD

July 23, 2011, Posted By Melanie Nathan,

The 27 club has a new member- Amy Winehouse. Winehouse was found dead in Camden, England, but the cause of death has yet to be explained. According to the police, London Ambulance Service was called to a flat in Camden at 1554 BST. Two vehicles were sent, but she died. Last month, she pulled out of her comeback tour.

Winehouse has had a major struggle with drug and alcohol abuse which has overshadowed her career. Winehouse recently stumbled onto stage in Serbia, mumbled through parts of her songs, left the stage often, and was ultimately jeered off stage. She appeared drunk during the performance.

Some 60 to 65 people have gathered around the location of her death, many under the age of 18. According to the BBC “Lots of them say they came after hearing the news on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.” Winehouse had been under strict orders not to drink and had finished another course of alcohol rehabilitation in London recently. ….. read more

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