Au Pair – New Lesbian Book Bound to be a Classic

06/01/2011, by Melanie Nathan

Melanie and Michele McFarlane , Author Au Pair, Cape Town 2011

Falling madly in love, even when you know that by loving you risk all you have…it could happen to anyone! So is the premise of this extraordinary journey, by an author into a realm of truth; one which may have, like many, remained unexplored, even when wrenched by voracious desire.

The Au Pair bravely goes where no other book has gone, and tells the story which so many women have experienced, with complete honesty. There is no other lesbian account that addresses the issues faced in the book as directly, and as openly. Furthermore, it is a tale that everyone who has encountered similar circumstances will be able to identify with, and benefit from. Whether it is a mother, whose daughter reveals herself to be gay, or a young woman, trying to come to terms with her sexuality

 The Au Pair is a tantalizing true story of a British wife and mother of three whose life is turned upside down when she meets and falls in love with her pretty and much younger Afrikaans au pair.

In essence this is an unconventional love story, a candid memoir of how two women found each other at an inopportune time of their lives. How they overcame and faced reactions of their relationship from their families and friends; and ultimately dealing with their own guilt. Written as it happened, one can feel the urgency and passion woven intricately through the pages of this jaw-dropping and at times humorous memoir.

About the Author

I met Michele Macfarlane in Cape Town this past March at the Cape Town Pride book signing event, together with her children and Marizette;  a proud happy family willing to share an experience, that may well serve as an example  to many. It was a delight to meet!

Macfarlane was born in South Africa, but experienced a somewhat nomadic childhood with the constant moving of her parents, before their final settling in England when she was fourteen years old. Even from youth Michele remembers being interested in the crossing over of sexual identities, and she followed her fascination for dressing up and playing different roles by attending the Coventry Centre for Performing Arts, where she studied drama. It was here that she met her now ex-husband, and father of her three children. She moved on, however, to the music college, in the subsequent following of a new interest in opera singing.

Following the events described in The Au Pair, Michele now lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with her partner, Marizette.

This will be a classic! To purchase the book click here       Note $139.95 is approximately $20.00

I gave this book to my ex to read. She has read every single lesbian book ever written and is a harsh critic. She loved it!  Ranks this on her forever best list.

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