Breaking – Largest Fair Housing Settlement since ACT amended in 1988

Posted by Melanie Nathan 1/21/10 : Marin County – As Chair of Fair Housing of Marin’s Legal Committee, one of the Plaintiff’s that brought the action,  I am very pleased to provide this press release from the Attorneys Representing Fair Housing in this case.    I  also want to thank all those involved who worked so hard to make this happen.  Nancy Kenyon you provided great leadership, as did the Committee and Board at FHOM.


Relman & Dane Breaking News

Relman & Dane, PLLC is pleased to announce one of the largest Fair Housing Act design and construction settlements since the Act was amended in 1988.  Judge Saundra Armstrong of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has approved a settlement in National Fair Housing Alliance et al v. A.G. Spanos Construction Co., et al, requiring Defendants  to retrofit 12,300 apartment units and adjacent common areas at 82 apartment complexes in 11 states to ensure that they are accessible to people with disabilities.  Defendants will also contribute nearly $5 million to establish funds around the country to improve accessibility in non-Spanos buildings.  The total value of the settlement, including damages and attorneys’ fees, is estimated to be nearly $15 million.
The litigation commenced in June 2007, after an extensive investigation by NFHA and  four of its members  uncovered substantial architectural barriers at dozens of properties built by Spanos, including stairs at apartment entrances, inaccessible common areas, thresholds impassable by wheelchair users, and kitchens and bathrooms lacking accessible appliances and features. 
Under the settlement, NFHA, Fair Housing of Marin, Fair Housing Napa Valley, Metro Fair Housing Services of Atlanta, and the Fair Housing Continuum of Melbourne, Florida will administer the accessibility funds to provide grants to disabled veterans, seniors, and other people with disabilities whose homes lack accessible features.
Beyond the relief secured in this litigation,  the size and scope  of this settlement should send a clear message  to the design, development, and building industries that violations of  accessibility requirements carry significant financial risks.
Relman & Dane currently represents fair housing groups around the country in several other major FHA design and construction cases.  Michael Allen, Steve Dane and Tom Keary of Relman & Dane litigated the Spanos case  on behalf of NFHA and the four NFHA member plaintiffs.
Posted by Melanie Nathan/ Chair of Legal Committee for Fair Housing of Marin, –

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