THE FALLOUT…… “birds of a feather”

Duvall’s sex comments at July 8 hearing THE FALLOUT…… “birds of a feather”

jeff MillerMiller laughed and now he too has been ousted from the ETHICS Committee:- Assembly member Jeff Miller (R) from Corona laughed, as his resigned GOP colleague, Michael Duvall flagrantly boasted sexual exploits over an open microphone inside the Committee Room in the California State Capital Assembly. Miller’s office ordered the audio tapes in the hope that they could effect emergency damage control, asserting that Miller had not heard what Duvall was saying, stating that he was distracted and doing something else. However in viewing the tapes and inside source has informed me that Miller’s body language and giggles clearly demonstrate his participation and intrigue in the perversion displayed by Duvall. Soon after the story broke through a Southern California news channel of the release  hundreds viewed the sordid demonstration of hypocrisy and lewdness.

I was personally offended by Miller’s holier than-thou attitude toward LGBT marriage when he commented after my testimony at the Assembly Judiciary Committee last month on AJR resolution for support of UAFA. Now to find that he is merely another hypocrite hiding his vulgarity behind his sanctimonious statements in our Assembly. Here is what I wrote:-

“A victory for our issue and at the same time a lesson in the divisiveness of ‘party-lines.’ It was astounding to witness; to tell the personal story of my family’s hardship with this inequality, about how I was faced with a possible choice between my two daughters, because I could not petition for my same-sex spouse to remain in the US in the same was a straight American could; and then to hear the Republican’s, “nay” regardless of the hardship to their fellow Americans. They just did not care about the 36,000 binational couples out there – ! “In fact one of the members of the Committee Jeff Miller- (R- 71st Assembly District, which takes in much of Western Riverside County and the Eastern edge of Orange County,) stated that he wanted everyone to know why he was voting ‘no’ on all three LGBT Resolutions in the committee. He was doing it because he said that “California has decided ….” Referring to Prop 8; of course did not end his sentence; the incomplete implication – ‘California has decided that gays do not count – their families and their de facto lives are invalid. ’ He then went on to say, how his constituents and the rest who believe in the Defense of Marriage Act would be and I quote “hurt” if gays were recognized in this way.” He was in effect stating that GAY marriage hurts his constituents.

KARMA – this man who asserted that our right to marriage could hurt his constituents – has gone ahead and through his hypocrisy managed, notwithstanding his legitimate marriage, to hurt his constituents, and the decorum of the very office where he conducts his representation. Thank you for getting him off the ETHICS COMMITTEE- ……


Yours ever Melanie Nathan

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