Shame on these American Parents…..

NEVER BEFORE HAS SO MUCHMelanie Nathan: I sent my twelve year old off to school today hoping that her first class period would run the President’s speech; in fact even emailed her principal stating I wanted to ensure she watched it live.

I am disgusted by the people  in this my Country who assert their children should not hear  President Obama’s talk to school kids to inspire their educational futures;  given it was nothing more than that.

Leadership is always inspiring and who better to offer an example of such than the President of our Country. That is all the kids see. They have no ideal about the politics of it and they should not have to.   The President should be commended for taking the time to devote directly to our children, and yet there are those of you who believe he should not have!   What is wrong with this picture here?  An elected President ought not inspire our kids?   Why such outcry.  Is this a concomitant of these unfortunate times of unparalleled partisanship or of undying racism

The President is our elected leader .  What message are those parents sending to their kid?  That our President is not worthy?  That our President is not our leader?  That our democracy – our vote- does not count in the notion of leadership? That our President is a mere politician?  Is a Presidency not something worth aspiring to? 

Our President is the ultimate example of success and therefore an ideal spokesperson for inspiring our children.  Kids have no political reference when listening to a person as qualified as President Obama. We need to see examples of leadership. 

These racist partisans need help – do they realize they are destroying their children’s opportunity to see the world with the purity still available to them?  These parents are delivering a message that serves to dampen Patriotism as whether you like it or not, whether you agree with his politics or not, he is indeed an extraordinarily accomplished citizen, father and now he is proving his worth as a leader.         

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