Precursor to Future Obama Visit to South Africa

anc awb sowetoPost Apartheid South Africa where -the poverty is apalling; the crime is outrageous, the suffering is disgusting, the corruption is voluminous, Unemployment forty percent – HIV-AIDS – one in five!   Jacob Zuma what now?    asks Melanie Nathan.

The  protest poster says “AWB was better than ANC”  and appeared in The Star Newspaper, Johannesburg, South Africa, “A strong suggestion in the statement about the AWB being better — appalling thought  ( as they were the most extreme right wing white supremicist branch of the Afrikaner Apartheid Regime) — is that these people felt it was better to live under apartheid rule.  And that is not a laughing matter. It is a profound statement and reflects, at grassroots, a complete loss of faith in the ruling party. Yes, South Africa taught me to weep, not to laugh. What the current ruling party is doing to the poor is far, far beyond a joke. ”   This statement appeared in the BLOG of Rod McKenzie, on THOUGHT LEADER at … interesting read!

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