Nancy Pelosi is not the problem

melanie nathan
melanie nathan

C’mon. Maybe someone other than a guessing, estimating, knit-picking, ego-talking pundit, please explain why the focus has shifted from the unconscienable torture itself and the clear architects thereof.  New Gingrish thinks its a big deal – that Nancy supposed lied to the country on a securoty issue… What about the Bush and Cheney lies? Are we going to tolerate this hypocrisy- ? Leave Nancy Pelosi alone and go after Bush and Cheney- they are the real criminals. 

When Bill Clinton was impeached, they hounded him like dogs with the teeth firmly gripped around the heels of this nation; now in a red-herring endeavor they will do the same to Speaker Pelosi.  Why do we the public stand for it? and yet again?  Its a wast of time. Get on with business and punish the real criminals.

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