Leave Elizabeth Edwards alone

edwardsBacklash, shmacklash… frontlash…who cares?  Elizabeth Edwards does not owe anyone an explanation. There need not be a why and nor an answer.  She wrote a book, yes a book about her life – freedom of____? (Yes, that is correct) ………..SPEECH!   Then like every celebrity author she is on a book tour.  When a famous personality suddenly appears on every single talk show from morning’s Matt Lauer to evening’s Larry King, they are generally fulfilling the terms of their publishing contract.  So please she did not spill the beans today on TV she wrote a book about her life’s hardship and how she coped may well serve as an inspiration for other spouses subjected to dying and deceiving spouses all in one blow.

3 thoughts on “Leave Elizabeth Edwards alone

  1. Hey there
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    Aaron Myers
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  2. Elizabeth Edward has every right to express her feelings. It is she that is suffering the most and it’s probably her way of letting off some steam. I support her.

    1. I support her too. Thanks for the response please visit again. I cannot imagine how it must feel having two small kids a cheating husband and being possibly terminal. Melanie

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