A Bill in Time Saves 9!

best-of-last-computer-04-06-009Update Shirley Tan -binational lesbian couples; Opinion from Yours Truly….Please keep this story alive. The Mercado Tan family is still on the chopping block until 4/22/09 – hopefully Sen. Feinstein will introduce a Private Bill in time.  Pleas also note that each case is unique unto itself. Private Bills are not two- a- penny and certainly unavailable to those who have intentionally remained illgally in the USA.  From what I have learned over the past week,  if such is introduced in Congress, in this case,  it is likely  a concomitant of the fact that Ms. Tan faces serious danger in the Philippines, rather than the Senator overtly compassionate about the gay family issue, albeit the latter may have provided some subconscious or even surreptitious motivation on the part of the Senator.  I cannot imagine, nonetheless, why Senator Feinstein will not cosign Uniting Families Immigration Act, (UAFA) especially after this case, in light of the community, the national and the international outpouring of support for the Mercado-Tan family, based on their familial bond.

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