Keep an eye out for new posts and press releases on Shirley Tan

Please note Shirley Tan’s status may be perceived as illegal; however it is evident  that her immigration attorney  at the time  may have failed her.  For years she was led to believe that her status was legal and when ICE showed up and arrested her, she had no idea that there was a deportation order for her.  That attorney (no longer her attorney)  has in  fact been publicly reproved by California State Bar (CalBAr) for porfessional misconduct in two other cases demonstrating the almost identical misconduct suffered by Ms. Tan.  The file reflecting the reproval in those cases is readily available for public view at the CalBar site.     In this case Ms. Molinar has stated that she did not know the case had been turned down on appeal and she believed that the information had been sent to a wrong address.  This is a difficult excuse to accept when there are others cases or reproach against Ms. Molinar evidenced by the CALBAr site.  It is also difficult to accept when there ought to be a duty for an attorney to keep a check on the status of cases in the system and to not reassure clients based on silence  and without investigation.

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