Dubai Disappoints

israeli-flagVery sad that UAE has taken a stance to mix sport and politics.  It has refiused a visa to 21 year old Israeli tennis champ,  Shahar Peer.  It is heartwarming to note however that there has been an international outcry against Dubai for allowing this to happen, with calls for censure.  If you read the news reports you will notice the lame excuses which Dubai tennis authorty has cited as the reason for doing this, purpoting to being concerned about the well being of Shahar herself.     

Haaretz,  quotes WTA Tour CEO Larry Scott  as follows : “We are deeply disappointed by the decision of the United Arab Emirates denying Shahar Peer a visa that would permit her to enter the country to play in the Dubai Tennis Championships,”  and further  “All the players support Shahar,” said Venus Williams, who is in Dubai for the tournament. “We are all athletes and we stand for tennis. The players have to be unified and support the tour whichever direction they take on the issue.”  Added French Open champion Ana Ivanovic of Serbia:  “I really don’t like sports to be mixed with politics.”

.  At the time of being awarded the tournament in Dubai, they had promised WTA specifically that israelis would be allowed into the Country.  I have no doubt that UAE will suffer the effects of this decision on many different levels for many years to come.

I hope all who read this act appropriately when considering DUBAI as a place to do business….

 Dick Cheney?  are you going to keep your mouth shut on this one?

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