Pictorial of Homophobic Mob Attack in Kakuma

By Melanie Nathan and Marc Cohen, African Human Rights Coalition

Here are screenshots of 2 videos sent to us documenting a Turkana Homophobic mob attack on a LGBTI refugee at Kukuma, Kenya. This is one of many and escalating attacks occurring at the area of the refugee camp in Kenya. Gay, lesbian and transgender refugees from surrounding countries who have sought UNHCR protection in Kenya have arrived to find themselves unprotected and unsafe and subject to ongoing attacks by Turkana, local residents and hosts of the land, in this hostile host country. The LGBTI refugees from surrounding criminalizing countries have become subject to mob attacks, as the photos will show. They are enduring the very persecution they ran away from in their own countries. This has been exacerbated by malaria and the denial of water and food.

These refugees, termed ‘people of concern’ (POC),  many of whom are yet to receive refugee documentation, are trapped. They cannot move freely away from this area because they will be arrested by Kenyan police for being undocumented or not having requisite permissions to move about the country freely.  They will then endure torture, as many have done, in Kenya’s homophobic jails. When they were sent into Kakuma 3, they were placed among a group of straight refugees from Sudan, who are known by UNHCR and Kenyan authorities to be anti-LGBT and ready to attack. They did. In the dead of night and calling the refugees “shoggas” (Swahili term for faggot), wanted the refugees that unless they left their land, they would be killed.

It is clear the Turkana do not want them there. And Kenya and UNHCR are failing to protect!

The attack occurred days before XMAS, (our report HERE) sending the newly sheltered LGBTI refugees scurrying for safety into the scorpion and snake ridden bushes to hide, with over 50 showing up at the Reception Center Gates, only to be set up for starvation and deprived of water. After you view these pictures below – showing evidence of one of many attacks, and this one on an individual, please read the 2 articles posted below where I note that Kenya and UNHCR cannot protect LGBTI individuals and the desperate plea by LGBTI refugees for protection, food and a viable plan!

EVIDENCE- school down through screenshots from the 2 videos, no particular sequence:


We have purposely chosen not to upload the actual video – but rather to provide screenshot evidence of it, for reasons of security.

Kenya proves it can no longer Host LGBTI Refugees due to Escalating Violence

It is Xmas day. Two nights ago, while asleep for the first time in their new shelters at Kakuma Kenya, LGBTI refugees were attacked with sticks and fists.  Terrified they were about to be killed, some ran for the bushes and others risked camping outside the Reception Center in the hope that they may finally receive some real protection and security…. click on header to read more

Allegations that UNHCR refusing water to attacked LGBTI Refugees at Kakuma Gate

African Human Rights Coalition is requesting Urgent Assistance and Investigations : Welcoming 2020 we see no help in sight? For the past 9 days, with thanks to the generosity of a volunteer and board member of African Human Rights Coalition (African HRC) food, water, juices and medicine have been provided to approximately 50 LGBTQI refugees … click on header to read more

Kenya Unsafe as Turkana Mob Attacks LGBTI Refugees In Kakuma

As reported last month UNHCR and Kenya seem unable to protect LGBTI refugees from the very violence they escaped when seeking exile.  When reading the direct account of an horrific violent mob attack by Turkana locals on LGBTI refugees at Kakuma it is clearly only a matter of time before gays, lesbian and…. click on header to read more


Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
Mediation: Private Courts
Follow me on Twitter – @MelanieNathan1
Instagram: @commissionermelnathan

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