Poetry from Hell Part 5: Attacks on LGBTI Refugees in Kenya – I AM NOT FINE

I am sitting here at the end of my week, in my comfort. My home is warm. I have food in my belly and I am safe. This is not the case for our lGBTQI brothers and sisters at Kakuma Camp in Kenya, a country proving to be hostile host to gays, lesbians and transgender people. While UNHCR has tried to accommodate a very complex situation, Refugees remain not only unprotected, with some also unregistered, but also under attack by Kenyan police, host communities and even fellow refugees who are heterosexual. Again I bring the direct words, in Poetry form Hell. These words by Poet KA, a LGBTI refugee, after LGBTI refugees had been attacked by Kenyan police using teargas, sticks and fists!
Of course were are not fine, Why do you ask?
Our pain is unmasked
It’s real, Don’t forget this!
It seeps into the muscles and bones
Makes our desperate lives torn apart
Laying on sick bays
Authencitising pain in a place where everybody in sight can’t reach you
When desperate lives are tire-gassed,beaten up, sleeping and starving on streets
They hear and see nothing
They won’t speak our truth
All tears shed
To no drop left
For the surroundings are deaf to the loudest screams
Suffering that is unending
Only  an escape  to eventual starvation and death
For killing us might be your goal
You’re getting close, we can see
It’s only an inch left
Soon enough we are reaching our ends
You have our souls, to tears and rend
Since you never look beyond
“I’m not fine!”
Who doesn’t want to relax?
Who doesn’t want to stop over thinking?
Only in tears of being destroyed,
We are hopeful
Drowned in glasses of promised remedies
Blinded by sparks
Of the glittering fake
Why are we here?
Why does it hurt?
Why is “WHY” a question
That never works out?







POETRY FROM HELL PART 3: HERE – https://oblogdee.blog/2019/11/21/poetry-from-hell-part-3-dear-homophobia-who-chooses-death/


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Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
Mediation: Private Courts
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Instagram: @commissionermelnathan

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