Poetry From Hell Part 4: Kakuma Pain Zombies and Craving

LINK HERE: https://oblogdee.blog/2019/11/27/i-am-fasting-to-protest-america-turning-its-back-on-lgbti-refugees-who-are-starving-this-thanksgiving/

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States of America. I decided I could not celebrate. Notwithstanding sitting in privilege – no thanks to THANKS helmed by a food mounded table. Not while my LGBTQI family is starving, unsheltered, violently pelted with words intended to shame, beaten, robbed, suffering cruel uncertainty. Again I couch my sadness and bewilderment  in the poetic reflections of a refugee in Kakuma Camp. His words tear at me and I ponder our collective cruelty as with so much we seem to do so little. How? Why?

Refugee KA in Kakuma:
Desperate lives on the walk again
Miles to endless journeys
Are we to die on procrastination and lies?
Is it not possible to have identification and equality?
How do we forgive?
When our souls can’t recognize the footsteps of those trying to harm with an intention?
Is compassion really still the biggest virtue?
How do we surely deserve better when our bloody tears don’t spread any message?
This pain surely turned us into Zombies
We are totally lost!
We crave the real us
From the viruses
Disguised as cure to diseases
Our immune systems so weak to hold on to uncertainty
Convinced us in desperacy!
Hungry for hope!
Yes, in desperacy our souls are  infected
We  are enslaved
We try to write
Gather stories out of ourselves
Try to breathe them out
But we are not even alive anymore
Nothing draws us together!
We don’t even  think similar
They are balls of fire
They burn to darkness
For nothing remains a concern to the concerned
What could really be it?
Concerned Victim
Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
Mediation: Private Courts
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Instagram: @commissionermelnathan

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