Poetry From Hell Part 3: Dear homophobia, Who chooses death?

In this series of Poetry from Hell, I usually post as soon as I receive KA’s e-mail. KA is an LGBTI refugee in Kenya. As can be seen from Part 1 and Part 2, I couch these posts in the context of my own activity in the moment of posting. This serves as reminder to me and hopefully anyone of conscience about the larger context within which such suffering resides. I am reminded, if not for these human bodies that ground us to the earth, we would all be one!

Today I post Poetry from Hell Part 3, as I await a phone call from a Judge in a Miami Court. The Judge is calling me to testify as an expert witness for the asylum case of a gay man from Kenya who is being held in detention in an immigration facility in Florida. If this man does not receive a grant of asylum here to the United States, his return to Kenya, under his circumstances most certainly can lead to serious assault and torture and possibly even death! When hope dwindles and despair sets in, the pain of persecution demands our collective attention and our action. May these words from Hell touch you and ignite the fire in you too!

From the feeling of MISTREATMENT to getting FRUSTRATED and HEATED!
Its evident,
We are whipped
Set on fire
They watch us burn to Ashes
Right in the burning flames,
We repeatedly scream;
Help.  Help. Help…
Help.  Help.  Help…
They are administering our misery!
Speaking a 1000 languages with evidence
Thinking they would comprehend
But our voices echo towards us
Completely faded!
The power of invisibility is cruel
Never hugged and
accepted for who we are
You only hear furious Questions;
“Why would you leave your home to this kind of suffering?”
Dear homophobia,
Who chooses death?
Who would wish to live in shadows?
Chained for who they are?
Why expound everything according to your opinions?
Broken as we are,
How do we sort through problems of our miserable lives?
With all our passion,left in doubt
Trying to summon tears while experiencing a drought
Where should birds fly after the last sky?
Please visit African HRC’s website at http://www.AfricanHRC.org and note we are accepting such needed donations at www.AfricanHRC.org/donate.

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700 LGBTQI refugees remain stuck in Kenya, caught in a quagmire caused by a combination of complex issues, to include the USA reduction in refugee numbers by Trump administration, and the ineptness of the hostile host government of Kenya.



Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
Mediation: Private Courts
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Instagram: @commissionermelnathan

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