Poetry from Hell Part 2: The Pain of Neglected LGBTI Kakuma Refugees

The words of a refugee suffering and bearing witness ….
As I sit at my desk, with the Trump Impeachment hearings audible in the background, and Ambassador Yovanovitch, former U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, provides her poignant and moving testimony, I reflect on how the incompetent, crooked, corrupt, and maliciously xenophobic American who should NOT be President, Donald Trump, has impacted refugees such as our Poet in this series. Those who are suffering in Camps abroad, most especially LGBTQI, are horribly impacted and their suffering extended exponentially due to Trump’s dramatic reduction in the numbers of refugees permitted to resettle in the United States. The work of UNHCR is greatly dependent on the decent flow of the refugee pipeline. When it clogs the ripple impact is dramatic:
Poetry from Hell Part 2: Melanie Nathan Media: Oblogdeeblogda
Will Mankind Ever Become Human?
How would I not say this in capitals;
A Transgender in Kakuma Refugee Camp was targeted, stabbed with a knife and a glass into unconsciousness in broad day light at the Reception centre Homophobic slurs  shouting as the crowd watched
Sincerely, In no one’s hands for rescue!
When shall we be unfastened?
Living in fear
Afraid of hate delineated with intention
Seeking safety where our feathers of hope are plucked out
Desperate lives bracketed and enclosed in caskets
They are;
So enslaved in,
 “So dignified,grasp your tongues, don’t blow the trumpet!!”
How do we
Unknot the strings
Break the chains and walk freely?



Reference picture:

In Kakuma Camp we received a report that a group of homophobic attackers injured a trans Ugandan refugee in broad daylight. His neck was cut and his genitals punched and pulled. The anonymous man, fearful of further threat, received limited treatment. His life and that of many others continue to be in serious danger, with few to no solutions for LGBTQI people running from persecution in their home criminalizing countries.

POETRY IN HELL PART 1: The Poetic Pain of Hell by an LGBTQI Refugee, – November 5, 2019- So much pain reflected in the words of one LGBTQI refugee – and its speaks to the thousands who now seeking protection… Constantly escaping and escaping hate only to face hell Just this weekend I was honored to give a speech at the event hosted by Jill and Michael at Jillie’s Wine Bar and Shop … More


Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
Mediation: Private Courts
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6 thoughts on “Poetry from Hell Part 2: The Pain of Neglected LGBTI Kakuma Refugees

  1. The information given is 💯 percent clear to the best of our lives as LGBTI+people currently living in Kakuma Refugee camp reception.
    We are always neglected, some of us are not registered since we are always told that Kenya is no longer registering LGBTI+people, no access to protection officers and neither did unhcr take time to meet us.
    We are really not safe at all.

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