A Message about Animal Societies

by Guest blogger aka –  ‘Pikachu,’ aged 6, Dec 24, 2011 ….

Animal societies are in danger. Donate money to the zoos and animal societies.  So hunters don’t have guns in the society in the wild. Take them away because the animals are in danger and they are G-d’s creatures. They are very good to us and we must be very good to them. Stop selling guns to people. Because maybe they will pass them on to bad people like hunters.

If anyone is hungry and they want to kill animals for meat, then go to a  store and ask them can I please have some food, and maybe they would say yes.  Because generous people in America would say yes. Because people are generous mostly.

So help societies and be good and maybe G-d would give you something back one day. AND that is it for animal societies.

Good Day.



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