reBlog from UN urges Uganda to scrap anti-gay bill – Should USA Threaten with Sanctions Before Passage?

I hope that all Countries including USA will threaten boycotts, sanctions and end to Tourism if the Bill is not scraped, rather than waiting for it to be implemented. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was able to impact the removal of the Death Penalty portion, but I believe with the failure of Uganda to remove this from their roster, coupled with the Pillay’s comments, now is the time to assert and prevent!, UN urges Uganda to scrap anti-gay bill – Should USA Threaten with Sanctions Before Passage?, Jan 2010

You should read the whole article.

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2 thoughts on “reBlog from UN urges Uganda to scrap anti-gay bill – Should USA Threaten with Sanctions Before Passage?

  1. Hello Melanie I really appreciate that u send me new updates about the LGBT issue..

    Any why is it their are lots of PEOPLE seems don’t understand our situation.. and why is that their are lots of PEOPLE don’t know what the word of ACCEPTANCE..means…I’m pretty pity to that PEOPLE…very pathetic..they don’t have any idea about what we feel….their are times people ask us why shouldn’t we change instead..being GAY…(HUH!!!?)change? what the HELL are they talking about…this is the life we want…even “NO Government has the right to tell its CITIZEN whom to LOVE. The Only QUEER people are those who don’t Love anybody”

    Its been almost 7 MONTHS that my boyfriend and me are still communicating Via Internet…Its very painful to me when every-time he cried…I feel I cry and get SOB..get DROWN..cause of our situation..when would this issue END…when we live together in the same ROOF..a HAPPY loving COUPLE…when..? when..? when is that TIME…?
    Why do people so MEAN to us…why..?
    We feel that the WORLD is our ENEMY…….

    My Boyfriend thinks so much..How he can get me here In Philippines. He thought about TOURIST VISA and STUDENT VISA..but very HOPELESS…it is HOPELESS…

    I hope OBAMA’S administration made their BEST as HARD as they CAN to pass this Bill…and Also to other supporters..

    Their are times I cried…ALONE….when every-time a FAR he is..we separated in a distance ..a MILES…It is VERY PAINFUL TO FEE THIS WAY…

    I HOPE to those PEOPLE discriminate us “ALSO FEEL THIS WAY”

    1. Your pain is so awful and yet your strength is awsome. People like you are my heroes – I can think of nothing worse than being held from the one I love. We are working so hard to change it. They just do not seem to get the urgency of it. We need to do more and to keep telling our stories. I will try to take your pain with me when I advocate – as if I am you…. though I cannot imagine how it must truly be… mel

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